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FILE poster printing IBM See separate file for poster setup. Working with the poster printer and computers in the geo poster room: For the IBM (has CD, zip, and floppy inputs)

I. Opening your poster on the computer: Go to the ViewSonic computer by the wall to the right of the room door. Load your file.

If you are loading from a server:

RIGHT Click on My Network Places folder Left click on Find Computers Type in _nano (be sure to use underscore_) Double left click on nano Click on your folder and enter username and password [Sometimes, the IBM will not let you access your file from the server. In that case, either 1) go to the computer where you can open your file, and save it on the server with the suffix .ppt, or 2) move to the Mac computer on the middle bench in rm 115, follow the Mac instructions above (III.A.). The _nano server works better with Macs.] Open your document

IMMEDIATELY SAVE your file to the MY DOCUMENTS folder on that computer. [working with it on the remote server is much slower!]

 II. PRINTING - DRAFT MUST BE THOROUGHLY REVIEWED AND PROOFREAD BEFORE PRINTING, WHICH TAKES ABOUT AN HOUR AND COSTS SOMEONE ABOUT $25. WE CANNOT AFFORD REPRINTING FOR CARELESS MISTAKES. GO TO ROOM 115 [If absolutely necessary, ask Steve Ballou, geo prof, who is expert; or Rama V x2273, also expert. All geo students have a key to room .]

1. Load poster from server, zip, CD, or floppy to desktop of IBM computer to the right of the door nearest the wall. (see III.B. if needed)

2. Under file, go to Page setup : slide landscape, 56x34", custom

3. Under file, go to printer: printer: 2500CP, Print what?: Slides

4. BEFORE ACTUALLY PRINTING, go over to the Printer itself, push the button with the yellow LED (light), and make sure the lighted panel shows "STATUS ready".

5. On the computer, click on print. Green light on poster printer starts blinking, says receiving data Hang around to see if it starts printing correctly. It takes about 20-60 minutes to complete Printer STATUS says receiving data for 5-20 minutes. But usually see something promising a few minutes after it says "printing", and you hear the printing sound.

6. KEEP WATCHING to see the actual printing on the poster begin to appear, to ensure it is properly oriented, The right edge usually prints first, and it may have added carriage returns to some of the formatting, and this can be okay. If it looks wrong, push Cancel button on poster printer on left edge of controls Then check on computer to be sure page setup setting all are correct. Took us three tries first time we did this.

7. After it is done printing, let it dry for about 10 minutes before handling too hard, so you avoid smearing wet ink. Be sure to close the poster on the desktop, and drag your server and files to the trash before leaving.

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