Invitation from Roc Nutrition Investigator to the teaberry trial to extend your health span
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I am thankful to Dr. Rolf Martin that we are finally ready to offer you an invitation to participate in our clinical trial to help extend your health span.  As he so kindly urged “My choice is motivated by the many millions of people suffering from age-related illnesses, especially Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and multiple sclerosis, or who are heading in those directions but not yet suffering, who may within a week or eventually be better off if they start now rather than later.
With very best wishes, Rolf”

Now that the trial has begun, new participants can begin whenever they wish.  So this is just to sketch the process.
1) Send an email to SUBJECT: teaberrytrial
2) You will then receive a message, SUBJ: Your Invitation to the new Martin/Ordman Clinical Trial. This will be the IRB approved request for you to join the study.
3) If you email a reply to that message, to, SUBJ: clinical trial, you receive the formal invitation to the study, SUBJ: details and information request to Volunteers of Teaberry Study. This is a longer email explaining the process of enrolling in the study formally.
4) That directs you to the study website, where it explains how for 28 days you continue to eat normally, but do some online exercises taking less than 10 minutes at some times over the next four weeks when you choose, that give us a baseline of your hearing, decision making, and memory responses that can be compared when you begin particular consumption of blueberries or green tea or neither or both, which we can compare to your baseline measurements.
5) When your participation in the trial ends, you will receive an evaluation of your measurements, how your baseline and experimental values differed, and how the four diets affected the averages for each choice.

So there it is.  Gratitude is a wonderful way to prevent depression and reduce stress.  I am grateful I know you well enough to provide this offer.
Best wishes, Roc