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Introduction to the Teaberry Trial

There are 3 current reasons why humans age and one new one Dr. Martin has developed.  These 4 and how to slow those processes are at reference 4 below.  The new one is the Translational infidelity error theory of aging.  Simply, it states that we age because the proteins synthesized in our bodies are often either incorporate the wrong amino acids, or are folded into incorrect shapes. An example many are familiar with is Alzheimer’s, where improperly shaped proteins form plaque in the brain. The teaberry trial is the first step in trying to reduce these improper proteins.

Green tea is known for its ability to improve people’s health.  The main molecule in green tea that does this is nicknamed EGCG.  Clinical trials have shown people are healthier for each cup they drink daily, better 4 than 3 than 2 than 1 than none.  So getting more EGCG each day has been shown to improve health.

Blueberries are so dark because they contain many colored molecules called flavanols.  When our bodies digest these, they are made into quercetin.  Quercetin is a molecule that binds to the enzyme we have that degrades EGCG.  So if we block that enzyme, the EGCG lasts in our bodies much longer.  In fact, one study found that by eating blueberries, and then drinking a single cup of green tea, our blood receives a dose of EGCG that is the same as if we drank 8 cups of green tea.

One of the things that EGCG does is it slows the pace at which proteins are made in our bodies.  Since they are made more slowly, they are made more carefully, with more time to make sure the correct amino acids are used and that they are folded properly.

Since our bodies are making proteins in our cells all of the time, the benefits of getting blueberries and then green tea are likely to be evident very quickly, as the malformed proteins are cleared from our bodies and new better ones are made.  Thus, in each phase of the teaberry study, we ask you to follow a diet for only 28 days, during which time we expect to see you benefit.

To summarize, we believe that eating ½ or a full cup of blueberries, followed by a single cup of green tea, will cause your proteins to become more effective in 28 days. 

Diets: You are asked to eat one of four diets for 28 days: 1)no blueberries (BB) or green tea (GT)  2) only BB 3) only GT as many cups as you want 4) BB followed by 1 cup GT.  We hope you will do at least 1) for 28 days and then 4) for 28 days, so we can see if there is a difference.
Measurements: During that 28 phase, we ask you to conduct on-line measurements so when we analyze your coded results, we can let you know what the effects of the different diets were. You only need to take one measurement, but there are three different ones for decision making, memory, and hearing.  Once you have done them a few times, you can do all three in about 5 minutes.

This trial is only looking for short term effects we can see in 28 days. Of course, preserving and/or improving your hearing and cognitive skills would be swell.  But based on these results, in the future we hope to conduct a longer term trial. The molecules in these two foods are likely to inhibit the process that removes calcium from our bones as we age, so it may prevent osteoporosis.  If it reduces protein misfolding, it may also delay Alzheimer’s.  A 2015 article in Science explained that if aging stem cells are reduced, our bodies actually grow younger and function better. A key reason cells age is the accumulation of misfolded proteins. We believe that blueberries and green tea can significantly reduce those harmful proteins.

If you have questions, please email  To see the materials to enroll in the trial, go to reference 3, which is

Thanks for helping us try to relieve human suffering.  Sinceerely, Roc Ordman

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