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UPDATE 2016 - Taking niacin and resveratrol daily is likely to have benefit.

UPDATE 2010 - As a consequence of LPI meetings and AGE meeting presentations, I now take Resveratrol daily. Here is the link to the product page, that shows where I purchase it on line. There are a host of products that are not trustworthy. This link is to the product of the person who discovered Resveratrol and patented it. Resveratrol has received a lot of attention in the media, since the discovery in 2006 of its nutritional impact on rodents. Resveratrol is found specifically in red wine and red grape juice. When rats were given a dosage equivalent to what a human would get from 30 gallons of red wine per day, it had many benefits for the rodent. It is thought that resveratrol causes many of the effects caused by caloric restriction, that is, enhancing our ability to deal with stresses, such as molecular events that lead to cancer and diabetes. However, some experts are not sure whether it is resveratrol or some other molecule in red wine polyphenols that is the actual source of the benefit. [Sept 2008 update-A few glasses of red wine or red grape juice provide beneficial levels of resveratrol ]



Red wine
Red grape juice
White Wine
from Roy, H., Lundy, S., Resveratrol, Pennington Nutrition Series, 2005 No. 7

Resveratrol (3,4',5-trihydroxy-trans-stilbene), a phytoalexin found in grape skins, peanuts, and red wine, has been reported to exhibit a wide range of biological and pharmacological properties. It has been speculated that dietary resveratrol may act as an antioxidant, promote nitric oxide production, inhibit platelet aggregation, and increase high-density lipoprotein cholesterol and thereby serve as a cardioprotective agent (the so-called "French paradox"). Recently, it was demonstrated that resveratrol can function as a cancer chemopreventive agent. [Mechanism involves polyamines, blocking cancer too.] from Molecular Mechanisms of the Chemopreventive Effects of Resveratrol and Its Analogs in Colorectal Cancer: Key Role of Polyamines? Freya Wolter, Sandra Ulrich and JŸrgen Stein

Update, June, 2009 - see LPI conference notes - A low dose of dietary resveratrol partially mimics caloric restriction and retards aging. Expert on gene technology, caloric restriction who lectured us on Resveratrol takes 100mg Resveratrol per day.

to purchase reservatrol - this link goes to product index where proper source of resveratrol is explained.

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