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This page has links to products considered which the site manager has considered useful to purchase for himself or close friends with specific health concerns. The sites are not being endorsed, and most nutrition sites sell whatever is popular and will bring profit to the company, which is not necessarily what will be useful for you. But the specific products are items which I have purchased for family members because when I purchased them they seemed a good decision.

It is your decision, and I am not responsible for your decision. I advise you to check with an appropriate professional before making your purchase.

Juvenon - Dr. Bruce Ames, National Medal of Science winner, developed this product which gives old mice the abilities of young ones, providing both energy and memory function of a youngster through reasonable biochemical mechanisms. Juvenon contains acetyl-L-carnitine and alpha-lipoic acid. Also, this site goes to Juvenon Health Journal, which provides excellent reading about the product formulation and other discoveries.

SAMe - Judged to be more effective than the most effective anti-depressant available today, SAMe may be wonderful stuff. It is related to folic acid, is a natural molecule you make biochemically. But as you age, you produce less of it. Among other things, it appears to help in regulation of a neurotransmitter becoming active and inactive. SAMe site, 200mg tablets

Vegan DHA/EPA - same as fish oil but for vegans and vegetarians

VisiVite -

Nature Made product like Visivite with lutein

If you are concerned about macular degeneration, this is the product that was developed by a Johns Hopkins University study - visivite for eyes - Smokers go here for visivite

WHERE TO ORDER NUTRIENTS related to weight loss [click on links to get to product web page- not affiliated with Nutrition Investigator]

1. Branched chain amino acid (BCAA) capsules - NSI BCAA's (Branched Chain Amino Acids) -- 2,400 mg - 300 Capsules, Our price: $19.99

2. Olive oil - Pick any brand of extra virgin olive oil.  Be sure to taste test it to make sure it is authentic, as nearly 50% of extra virgin olive oil may be phony.  Simply taste a small bit by putting a few drops on a spoon and swishing it around your mouth.  If the aftertaste is pleaseant, it is probably authentic.  If it has a bitter after taste, it is likely to be fake, probably hazelnut oil from Turkey.  Read the New Yorker article published in 2007 to learn  more.

3. DHA - called DHA Omega-3 Pharmaceutical Grade, 90 Softgels, 500mg, From Barlean, $1 per gel.  High dose DHA requires five in the morning and five before dinner, 10 per day. For low dose one can use one or more twice a day.


You must read and accept the disclaimer to use this site.