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Good nutrition links:

Below are a list of sites that may be helpful in gathering further information about nutrition and disease, along with a brief description of what you may find there. Just click on the site to be transferred there.

POSTED OCT, 2017 - I’m a team member at, an organization connecting people seeking treatment to the resources they need. Please follow this link for aid dealing with alcoholism and alcoholics.

POSTED AUG, 2017 -I am a Fitness Instructor.  I have found another useful resource that I'm now also using

POSTED AUG, 2017 - Our team of copywriters and analysts have spent the last 18 months producing some very exceptional content around the changing academic landscapes of public healthcare and is impact on careers and employment.

POSTED SEPT, 2016 - Most US students do not get basic nutrition and only 25% exercise enough.  See a new Student Health and Wellness Guide. Poor health can cause long-term chronic illness and have lasting effects on learning and concentration. These concerning facts have led our team at to research and report on a new Student Health and Wellness Guide. Please help us share this valuable and free resource by placing a link to our nutrition guide on a relevant page of your site.

POSTED AUG, 2016 - Role of and how to use nutrition in recovery from addiction, useful for recovering alcoholics, etc., contributed by the Alcoholic Awareness Council.

POSTED DEC, 2015 - - 11000 words extensive guide about detoxing - 5000+ words guide on honey. - 4500 words guide on apple cider health benefits

POSTED SEPT, 2015 - Please show our new guide to student nutrition:

POSTED AUG, 2015 - - it provides an easy and intuitive way to health and nutrition from the perspective of a Northwestern trained physician from India.

POSTED APR, 2015 Neil Patel’s Nutritional Resource blog would be a valuable resource for your students/users that are looking for the best fact based nutritional articles without all of the misinformation and distractions of what is currently out there.

POSTED NOV, 2014  Great guide to healthy student nutrition - According to the CDC, “empty” calories account for up to 40% of a young person’s diet, which could lead to real health problems. Our guide goes beyond supplying students with cursory information about nutrition, and takes an in-depth look at why proper nutrition and a well-balanced diet are important to overall health. We do this by detailing: The basic building blocks of nutrition; How unhealthy foods affect us; How to make better choices in a dining hall; Eating well on a budget

POSTED SEPT, 2014 - I wanted to follow up with you about the resources on nutrition that were recently added to here:

POSTED JAN, 2014 My name is Diane Anderson. I researched and completed a list of 100 of the best sites dedicated to Nutrition and Healthy living. I found great websites covering nutrition blogs, journals, national/local organizations, labs researchers, and additional nutritional sites. You can see the
list at - 1. after entering website, click on "Assess your food
intake" 2. create user id and password 3. fill in basic personal stats 4. then click on "proceed to food intake"From there you enter all of the foods you have eaten that day and then the serving size. Finally click on "save and analyze". This will take you to a page where you can choose
how to analyze the data you have just entered. I usually chose the nutrient intake link.(Thanks to JJ) - a nutrition degree information and resource guide, with links to research tools, journals, literature, etc.

FDA warnings on dietary supplements listing of daily values - food pyramids like vegetarian, mediterranean diets

Willett Food Pyramid professional graphic - fantastic nutrition site; calculates how many calories and what nutrition you need based on age and BMI, analyzes food for nutrition value. Thanks to Leah Coccari-Swift for finding this wonderful site. evaluates web sites related to nutrition-NOT IN SERVICE JULY, 2007 The medline database, where you can find summaries of medical articles published in reputable journals, search by keyword. - official US Government web site for health information - a site with other useful links, but don't use the super blue green algae site.

Self magazine that has nutrition features - National Library of Medicine - rebuilding the food pyramid - Willett - Interpreting media stories - a site recommended by a helpful librarian in Rhode Island - Nurse's Health Study - alzheimer's newsletter home, elderly health - The Paleo Diet, by Loren Cordain, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Health and Exercise Science, Colorado State University

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