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Healthspan: Safe and Proven Steps for Improving Yours

As explained on the Healthspan/Lifespan page, average lifespans have risen rapidly since 1900, and research since 2000 has made tremendous progress explaining what each of us can do individually to increase our healthspan, reducing the risk of chronic disease such as cancer, stroke, osteoporosis, heart disease, diabetes, dementia, even obesity. Below are vital and clear steps you can take if you want to avoid great suffering and expense due to chronic disease, and those you should avoid that promote chronic disease including obesity. There are many other things one can do that are beneficial. However, the ones on this list are so well documented and important that not doing them may be considered foolish unless you have unusually circumstances. P.S. As I want to reduce suffering and healthcare costs, please encourage your friends to view this page and subscribe to the nutrition newsletter (as about 1,000 do now globally) by emailing, SUBJ: send newsletter. Thanks.

VITAL AND CLEAR STEPS to increase healthspan and avoid obesity

blueberries 1/2 cup lots of benefits, likely to prevent osteoporosis, may prevent Alzheimer's when taken with green tea
exercise 30-90 min 30' to be healthy; 60' to prevent weight gain; 90' to lose weight
Vitamin C 500 mg BID numerous benefits- reduce stress biomarker 51%;
Fish or fish oil 2 g maintain brain function; reduce inflammation
green tea 1-4 cups most documented to improve healthspan
Vitamin D 2 to 5,000IU prevent osteoporosis; improve immune system
nuts; risk of death at least a handful documented to improve healthspan; do not cause weight gain
yogurt at least a little to maintain a healthy microbiome
Red grape juice 12 oz helps maintain brain memory and executive function

VITAL AND CLEAR STEPS to increase risk of disease and obesity

preserved meats none Germany has the most stomach cancer stomach cancer
red meat once weekly red meat is loaded with saturated fat no fours diet
sugar-sweetened beverages none added sugar is key cause of obesity and diabetes SSBs
soda pop none phosphoric acid eats your bones causing osteoporosis soda pop
potato chips and french fries none main foods causing weight gain by empty calories see nut consumption
smoking nicotine none how to quit smoking without weight gain smoking
no regular exercise once week key cause of aging and dementia exercise


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