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CALORIC RESTRICTION (CR) HELPS MEMORY - If you get the Juvenon newsletter issued by Benjamin Treadwell (2009), you would have read of a caloric restriction study of 50 people mean age 60.5 years.  Those on CR, a 30% decrease in calories for 3 months, had measurable increases in memory, and decreases in insulin and CRP (inflammation) levels. The nutrient resveratrol, specifically the active trans-resveratrol form, seems to have that potential. Animal studies have produced encouraging results. Whether these results will translate to humans remains to be determined. Read the full article here.
(link: Caloric Restriction; source: Juvenon newsletter; added 6/2009)

Biomarkers and Caloric Restriction - ways to live a long time

I just read an abstract about the effect of caloric restriction on primate rhesus monkeys with Parkinson's disease.  Apparently caloric restriction "lessen the severity of neurochemical and motor dysfunction after 6 months of caloric restriction.  (PNAS 2004, Dec 28:101(52) 17887-8)  Caloric restriction is cutting food intake to 30% less than what you normally eat, but maintaining high intake of vitamins and minerals.  I am now involved in a study on biomarkers of aging, correlating monkey and human studies.  There are three independent measures of aging - 1)physiology, 2)antioxidant status (vitamins C and E), and 3) interest in sex.  They are independent but all affect/correlate with aging.  Psychoneurological implications are to want and have sex lots, and to take vitamins C and E.  But if you want to be hard core, eat less!


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