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SUBJ: One step closer to “I told you so” from Roc

Forgive this note to everyone on my email list, but all who know me have heard me state that I am planning to live to 300 (unless I get hit by a cement truck)! I was told perhaps 20 years ago by a college administrator that I should be quiet, because I was scaring students’ parents that I was nuts. A week later the Journal of Higher Education had an article on Aubrey de Grey, a friend of mine, explaining why he intended to live to 1,000!

But in the August 5th Science on page 527 there is an article on a clinical trial using plasma from people under 25 to treat people over 35 to help them grow physiologically younger, based on a Stanford study in 2014 showing plasma from young mice caused old mice rejuvenate their hearts, minds, and muscles. And the Aug 13-19th Economist has a cover “Cheating Death: The science that can extend your lifespan.” Articles inside describe great progress in gene sequencing, stem cells, etc. One story mentions that a mid-life crisis will no longer be about getting old, but just be deciding what to choose for your next career. For me, I start nursing school on August 24th! After 20 years of that, my next career may be as a wandering minstrel.

Scientific American just published a special edition, "The Secrets of Staying Young." My web site has lots of information about causes and prevention of aging here. To me, some simple steps include being happy, hopeful, and looking forward rather than back in life. Wishing you all those three characteristics. Roc

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