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SUBJECT: Colonscopy

I had a colonoscopy when I turned 50, a horrible ordeal.  About 3 years ago, I heard on NPR that traditional colonoscopies (COL)  like that were no longer worth doing.  They reported that 50% of COL give false positive results, requiring followup surgery for polyps that are not cancerous, and 50% of COL miss polyps that actually are cancerous.  So  I resolved not to have one again.

But with concern about colon cancer as I age, I was glad to learn a few years ago that there are now excellent alternatives.  When a few days ago I learned a friend had gone through the traditional COL ordeal, I decided I should investigate colon cancer screening.  AARP magazine had a fine article about them recently. I just did the easiest screen, Take-Home Fecal Test.  While it is recommended to repeat the test annually, for those who are older, this may be worth discussing with your physician.

- Roc, Nutrition Investigator
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