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Readers Comments-statins and multis from Nutrition Investigator Roc

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1) Response to comments on multivitamins:
"I am very excited over your most recent post concerning multivitamins and the fraud that they are and then I proposed my theory of the virtues of "Native-state Nutritional Supplements"  which recommended going to the native food source to get real nutritional supplementation.  Thus, if you want vitamins A and D, take cod liver oil, if you want vitamin E, take Wheat Germ oil,  B vitamins from nutritional yeast, calcium from dairy products, trace minerals from kelp, dulse or one of the many seaweed products available, essential fatty acids from nutritional oils such as fish oil, expeller-pressed flaxseed, hemp, borage, evening primrose  and nuts and seeds.  I don't know if my theory hasn't already been proposed but certainly many know that it is important to obtain nutrition from minimally-processed food because it is that for which we are adapted. and that more is not necessarily better. There are probably 1,000,000 other thinking  people who have arrived at this conclusion independently because it constitutes the merger of science and commonsense. "

I strongly recommend the text for my nutrition course, The China Study, which advocates for a whole plant based diet. It is difficult and expensive to get enough fish, vitamins D and C, and things like Juvenon, resveratrol and SAMe have solid biochemistry backing their value. But your argument is very sound - the basis for getting nutrients is what you eat.

2) Statins - What do you think of statins? Should I stop taking statins? I just read this (link 1)"Statin Drugs Cause Even More Nerve Damage Than We Thought." "There are over 300 adverse health effects associated with the use of this chemical class of -lowering medications known as , with myotoxicity (muscle-damaging) and neurotoxicity (nerve-damaging) top on the list...the FDA decision earlier this year to require statin drugs manufacturers to add “memory loss” as a side effect of this chemical class."

Here is the link to my statins page (link2) at nutrition investigator that is definitely worth reading if you are on statins. A key finding is that the main concern is small triglycerides, for which proper nutrition is very important: from Linus Pauling Meetings 2009 - Statins lower only big LDLs, not the hazardous small LDLs, so statins only reduce heart events by 27%!
See Framingham Heart Study Coronary Heart Disease Risk Prediction Chart. 
To lower risk:
a. Diet high in polyunsaturated fats is best to lower heart disease risk
b. 1-2 drinks of alcohol per day
c. fruit, vegetables, fiber lower risk
d. sugar, meat, butter raise risk
e. fish or 2 fish oil capsules per day - 200 mg DHA daily (1 g fish oil) lowers dementia

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