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SUBJECT: Notes to increase healthspan from Roc Nutrition Investigator

Hopes for Health span: If you do not get enough sleep, that contributes to: 1)weight gain through ghrelin and brain activity changes; 2) illness, by immune suppression, causing aches, fatigue, upset stomach, and diarrhea; 3) behvavior changes of irritability, anxiety, depression, and impaired cognitive processes. Fisher Scientific Lab Reporter No.3 2013.....Calorie restriction can reverse, as well as prevent, aging cardiomyopathy. AGE 35:2177-82....A single administration of human umbilical cord blood T cells produces long-lasting effects in the aging hippocampus - Age 35: 2071-87 .....Reader's question on trans fat: What is your quick take on removal of trans fats in processed foods and replacing with lard + butter? Could not olive or canola oil be used instead? More expensive, yes.  As an ignorant lay person, the edict seems to be an unhealthy option.Thanks,The confused Diane. ANSWER: Transfats are banned in all of Europe, New York City, and California.  The main reason they have been allowed so long in most of the US is corporate profits. Transfats are poisonous, so they are great preservatives for killing bacteria (and people more slowly).  It is great they are finally being banned.  Industry will rapidly find suitable substitutes, though shelf life will be reduced.  Butter is better than poison. To avoid the extra calories now in snacks. Have an apple or banana instead.

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