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Nutrition Notes, Nov, 2017 from Roc Nutrition Investigator

Happy November. Here’s highlights of what I have been reading in science:

Oct 27 Science page 486 - What is consciousness, and could machines have it? A wonderful explanation of what consciousness is: C0-actions not consciously done - e.g. access to meaning; C1-Global availability of information - e.g. conscious access may occur long after stimulus is gone; C2 - Self-monitoring - e.g. self-confidence

Nov 6 New Yorker - The Exercise Pill - “516” - in clinical trials, available on line, this pill is supposed to mimic the effects of strenuous exercise, but not yet FDA approved.  It activates a particular gene that is activated during strenuous exercise, converting white fat to brown fat cells causing weight loss, and other beneficial body building things.  The article states it is currently being used by many athletes, boosting endurance 70%, and is now tested for by doping authorities in sporting events.

A new HPV vaccine prevents most cervical, mouth, throat, and anus cancers. (Sci Am Nov 2017)

Frequent cannabis use is harmful to good sleeping ability. Frequent cannabis users (≥5 uses/week for 3 months and lifetime use ≥2 years) are reported to have shorter total sleep duration, less slow wave sleep, worse sleep efficiency, and longer sleep onset compared to controls.

Some medications to slow osteoporosis also slow heart disease developments, while others do not.  Etidronate limited the progression of aortic and coronary calcification in hemodialysis patients, whereas the nitrogen-containing-BPs given orally did not significantly reduce vascular calcifications in patients with chronic kidney disease, kidney trasplant or in those with osteoporosis. Nitrogen-containing-BPs present favorable effects both on vessel wall thickness and on arterial elasticity due to both a reduction in serum lipids and the interaction of BPs with the bone tissue, with the consequent release of bone turnover markers and cytokines into the bloodstream.

There are mixed results on whether BILINGUALISM is a useful strategy to delay the onset of Alzheimers disease.

Here are many links you might share with friends who have mental health and other challenges, posted at my health links website that has many other links for alcoholism, etc.

1. Disclosing a Mental Health Condition to Others

2. How Parents Can Prevent Drug Abuse

3. Disability, Substance Abuse & Addiction

4. The Comprehensive Guide to Home Accessibility for People with Disabilities in Recovery

5. Financial Burdens of Mental Health and Addiction Treatment

6. The Guide To Keeping Your Home Through Debilitating Disease

7. 8 Ways to Prevent Relapse

8. Healing After the Passing of Your Parent: How to Nurture Your Grief Without Drugs or Alcohol

- Roc, Nutrition Investigator
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