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Nutrition Notes, Oct, 2017 from Roc Nutrition Investigator

Halloween nutrition notes from nutrition investigator Roc

Busy this month on an NIH proposal for cancer and vitamin C.  I hope you enjoyed LPInotes on the Linus Pauling Conference last month.

Great NPR interview with UC-Berkeley Sleep Center Director Matthew Walker:
It is normal and genetic that infants are up early and to sleep early; teens are up late and asleep late; as we age, we are genetically either Larks (early birds) or Owls (up late), so just accept it.  Melatonin is fine to help one fall asleep or adjust time zones. But sleeping pills do not cause real sleep, and their use is correlated with cancer and death. There is effective behavioral therapy to help insomniacs sleep, and it is much more effective and safe compared to sleeping medications.

From WebMD, here’s a short slide show of how to extend your healthspan.  Just repeats what you read here often.

ELDERLY: Among the working elderly, the highest mean indices of general quality of life, perceived health status, and quality of life in the physical, psychological, social, and environmental domains were shown by respondents whose intensity of physical activity was the highest. Moreover, the odds of high assessment of overall quality of life increased with respondents’ higher levels of physical activity

HOSPITALIZED ELDERLY: Under-recognition of malnutrition causes the number of malnourished hospitalized elderly to remain high throughout the years. The development of nutritional screening and assessment tools has been widely studied, and these tools are readily available nowadays.

DEMENTED: MINDFULNESS training for psychological stress in family caregivers of persons with dementia a systematic review and meta analysis of randomized controlled trials

COGNITIVELY IMPAIRED: Holistic health group interventions improve the cognitive ability of persons with mild cognitive impairment a randomized controlled trial

Should one take aspirin to prevent heart/stroke? Three sides of the aspirin debate: 1) a regular aspirin 3x per week, 2) a baby aspirin every day, or 3) no aspirin at all. Read evidence and discussion for all 3 positions here.

I’m a team member at, an organization connecting people seeking treatment to the resources they need.

Love the explanation of epigenetics.  I think even I can understand it.  ;-) Now (which may be too late but is better than later) I need to follow it.  Your emails provide good inspiration - From Roc: Thanks so much.  Indeed for many years I did research on how to change behavior.  Most people have at least the notion they should eat more fruits and veggies. But translating that knowledge into action is the great challenge.  

- Roc, Nutrition Investigator
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