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September Obesity Advances in Nutritrion from Roc Nutrition Investigator

The incidence of overweight and obesity has reached epidemic proportions, making the control of body weight and its complications a primary health problem. Diet has long played a first-line role in preventing and managing obesity particularly flavan-3-ols and resveratrol. However, beyond the obvious strategy of restricting caloric intake, growing evidence supports the specific antiobesity effects of some food-derived components, particularly (poly)phenolic compounds. The relatively new rediscovery of active brown adipose tissue in adult humans has generated interest in this tissue as a novel and viable target for stimulating energy expenditure and controlling body weight by promoting energy dissipation. This review critically discusses the evidence supporting the concept that the antiobesity effects ascribed to (poly)phenols might be dependent on their capacity to promote energy dissipation by activating brown adipose tissue.

Soy may be a suitable food for anti-obesity efforts because of its high protein and isoflavone content.  Soy significantly decreased waist circumference in older ages. A trend for reduced BMI after consumption of isoflavones was observed in Caucasians.

We found that abdominal obesity was associated with a higher risk of hip fracture in 295,674 individuals.

The results indicate that probiotic consumption can significantly reduce the risk of developing medical complications associated with necrotizing enterocolitis and sepsis, reduce mortality and length of hospital stay, and promote weight gain in very-low–birth-weight infants. Probiotics are more effective when taken in breast milk and formula form, consumed for <6 wk, administered with a dosage of <109 CFU/d, and include multiple strains.

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