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Nutrition Notes, Aug, 2017 from Roc Nutrition Investigator

Happy August! Welcome to my many new readers. Reading accurate nutrition news regularly has been proven good for your health.  Congratulate yourself for taking time to improve your healthspan.

A Harvard study shows how choline, in 4-legged meat, milk, and eggs, triggers heart attacks. On that diet, tiny blood cell fragments in one’s blood known as platelets were much more likely to form clots. Excessive clotting can limit or block blood flow, triggering a heart attack or stroke. The study was published online April 24, 2017, by Circulation.

Science 28 July pg 345 - Scientific Wellness study  in Seattle, WA found 95 people with low vitamin D levels, 81 with high mercury from old fillings, and 52 who were pre-diabetic - even one who training for a triathlon turned out to be pre-diabetic with high mercury levels.

Balanced diets can prevent binge-like eating (BE). Perinatal stress leads to a variety of psychiatric disorders. It induces an epigenetic predisposition to BE. Given a balanced diet, BE was reduced. Science 23 June p1244

FOR MATURE PEOPLE: The July 15th Economist has an update on the young blood rejuvenation trials in California.  One trial by Ambrosia at $8,000 to enroll “has encouraging findings,” especially about muscle repair, but is not yet ready to publish.  Another for people with Alzheimer’s, by Alkahest, will be presented in November.

The strongest evidence suggests a beneficial effect of the Mediterranean diet on older adults’ global cognition.

Science 28 July pg 337 - How to prevent dementia - Alzheimer’s Assoc. trial to prevent dementia includes regular aerobic exercise, cognitive and social stimulation, and counseling to eat a diet abundant in leafy greens, vegetables, nuts, and whole grains.

Cognitive function, somatic comorbidity and medical treatment affect grip strength as a measure of physical frailty in geriatric inpatients. Grip strength was not predictive of 2-year mortality in this group, but maintaining grip strength is a good way to maintain your overall health.

READER’S COMMENT: Have you seen Rebecca Katz's cookbooks?  The Longevity Kitchen, The Healthy Mind Cookbook.  She must have tapped into some of the information in your nutrition notes.  Her recipes take a little extra fuss but they are wonderful and make it easier to incorporate the nutritional findings.

- Roc, Nutrition Investigator
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