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Nutrition Notes, July, 2017 from Roc Nutrition Investigator

Just a few notes mostly for mature people like me, mainly reminders to stay/get fit this summer. Unfortunately, as expected since odds were 1 in 7, my NIH grant was not funded, but I hope I will be reapplying.

Reduced total sleep time is associated with more severe alcohol hangovers.  

Resistance training can attenuate age-related changes in functional mobility, including improvements in gait speed, static and dynamic balance, and fall risk reduction.

REGULAR physical exercise improves cardiac autonomic and muscle vasodilatory responses to isometric exercise in healthy elderly

Here is a formula that works in mice for brain and energy, as Juvenon does with a much simpler formula: Anti--aging supplement

Medium chain triglycerides, found in dairy products, coconut and palm oil, improve cognition in early Alzheimer’s.

READER’S QUESTION: do you agree with these statements re foods that reduce creatinine?  DO you agree that bananas are not good?
Sorry, but I have never heard of this concern in any of my reading.  The long list of good and bad activities and foods may vaguely related to creatinine.  But I think it is more effort to read than any worth it might contain.  If you have reason to be concerned about your kidneys - like the man I am a caregiver for who has been on dialysis for 15 years - then you need to talk to an expert.  If you are older, the recommendation to drink more water is a very useful one which I follow consciously and frequently.  And do follow the statement in the article to avoid stress, which the article is likely to promote.

....Notes from 2016 Harvard/Paul F. Glenn Symposium on Aging at Harvard Univ.
...Exercise and CR are good for deleting senescent cells, even in animals that are very old.
In humans, a low-protein diet is beneficial in middle-age, but not in old age.  There is age-related increase in cancer mutations with aging in human genome. But the increase stops in late life.\
....from James L. Kirkland, M.D., Ph.D., Director, Mayo Clinic Center on Aging Research.
There are 4 Fundamental Aging Mechanisms
1) Inflammation (chronic, low grade, sterile)
2) Cellular Senescence
3) Macromolecular dysfunction (misfolded protein, aggregates, AGEs)
4) Stem Cell and Progenitor dysfunction
Is the cause of aging the passive accumulation of damage or regulated repression of cell
protective programs? Our data support regulated repression.  TOR is a response to aging, not a basic driver of aging. It goes up in response to aging and leads to pathologies.

- Roc, Nutrition Investigator
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