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SUBJ: Dec Nutrition notes from Roc, Nutrition investigator

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From Science 2 Dec pg 1103 - Getting enough valine, a BCAA, is critical for maintaining hematopoietic stem cells that replenish the blood system.  A BCAA supplement with leucine and valine is also useful to stimulate muscle repair and growth after a workout.  Recommended dosage for effective signaling is 5g/dose.
Science 9 Dec pg 1247 - A diet deficient in fiber turns a healthy microbiome into one that promotes disease like colitis.
Science 16 Dec pg 1387 - Rheumatoid arthritis, though an autoimmune disease, may be triggered by periodontal infections of a particular bacterium, that induces the immune response. Better floss those teeth to reduce risk for rheumatoid arthritis.

from Clinical Epigenetics, 2016 - DNA methylation from smoking, taking DHA supplements, having diabetes, pregnancy activity and other good and bad behaviors cause cancer, psoriasis, offspring fates, and much more. Short message: Your behavior really controls your genetics!

Reserveratrol has become a wonder drug to help "cure" polycystic ovarian syndrome, a bane for women that causes hirsutism and other ill effects.

From Balz Frei, LPI: Vitamin K 2 is important and can bring calcium from the arteries to the bones according to the investigations from the Univ. of Maastricht in my country the Netherlands.

AARP - Do not exercise when angry. Risk of heart attack triples then.
  Best advice from top docs - 30 min daily walk, 7-8 hrs sleep; see a friend; less junk food and refined carbs; avoid soda, eat veggies.

For mature women, working out twice a week is as good as three times a week for muscle strength, power, functional performance, balance, and quality of life.   From EFFECTS of different doses of high speed resistance training on physical performance and quality of life in older women a randomized controlled trial

- Roc, Nutrition Investigator
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