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SUBJ: Sept Nutrition notes from Roc, Nutrition investigator

Scientific experiments are often not reproducible because subjects have different microbiomes.  This is a tremendous realization of why even with “identical mice,” results are often completely different.  Drug and nutrition experiments among “identical subjects” are confusing because every subject has a different microbiome. Science 353: 741 (19 Aug 2016)

20mg of CURCUMIN daily prevents muscle damage by regulating NF kB and Nrf2 pathways and improves performance an in vivo model

Staying active makes physical age much less than chronological age.  In clinical settings, there is an occasional mismatch between chronological age and physical age. We evaluated whether activities of daily living (ADL), which reflect physical age, also predict complications and prognosis in elderly patients with AMI; People age 50 to 80 who exercise 40 min/day 3 times per week for 6 months had larger hippocampi, controls had smaller ones. Exercise reduced Alzheimer’s risk 50% in those over age 65. AARP Bulletin, Sept, 2016, pg 26. 

Cognitively impaired trauma patients proved to be especially at risk of malnutrition. Since 96 hours of parenteral nutrition as a crisis intervention was insufficient, additional supplementation could be considered. 

AGEISM: the level of development of a country and the lack of government spending on older people (pension and health care systems) may contribute to their younger counterparts perceiving them more negatively.

Online training programs help with retention of cognitive skills.

Medicare costs could be reduced by prevention of future fractures if osteoporosis were treatedPLASMA homocysteine level is a risk factor for osteoporotic fractures in elderly patients

Reader’s comment: Most US students do not get basic nutrition and only 25% exercise enough.  See a new Student Health and Wellness Guide. Poor health can cause long-term chronic illness and have lasting effects on learning and concentration. These concerning facts have led our team at to research and report on a new Student Health and Wellness Guide. Please help us share this valuable and free resource by placing a link to our nutrition guide on a relevant page of your site.

Reader’s question: Are there benefits of MCT [medium chain triglycerides] oil? They may improve Alzheimer’s symptoms!  From a 2014 publication (pay to see it all)(free abstract), it is possible. “Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) are metabolized to ketone bodies that serve as an alternative source of energy for neurons. Data from clinical trials suggest that MCTs improve cognition in patients with mild to moderate AD in apolipoprotein E4-negative patients. Adverse events observed were mild and included minor gastrointestinal problems such as diarrhea, dyspepsia, and flatulence.”
  Results are mixed on whether they may have any effect on weight loss.    WebMD states “Researchers also think that these fats produce chemicals in the body that might help fight Alzheimer's disease.”

Reader’s question: Got advice on rheumatoid arthritis? Please see my nutrition web page for many useful links.

- Roc, Nutrition Investigator
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