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SUBJECT: Sept JNutr via Roc Nutrition Newsletter

High consumption of whole-fat yogurt was related to a lower risk of depression in women.
Prolonged high intakes of dietary selenium may be hazardous.  Prolonged high intakes of dietary selenium have been shown to induce gestational diabetes in rats and hyperinsulinemia in pigs.

The Mediterranean diet (MedDiet) reduces inflammatory markers long term and reduces heart disease.  The MedDiet participants had lower cellular and plasma concentrations of inflammatory markers related to atherosclerosis at 3 and 5 y. This anti-inflammatory role of the MedDiet could explain in part the long-term cardioprotective effect of the MedDiet against CVD. 

Maternal total daily caffeine consumption before and during pregnancy was not associated with CP risk in children. The increased risk of cerebral palsy in children after mother consumed caffeinated soft drinks during pregnancy warrants further investigation.

Exclusive breastfeeding for ≥6 mo was associated with an increased risk of anemia in infants aged 12 mo and with lower hemoglobin concentrations in both infants aged 12 mo and young children aged 48–71 mo. Parents should provide infants with an adequate source of iron after 6 mo of exclusive breastfeeding.

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