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SUBJ: July Nutrition notes to extend healthspan from Roc, Nutrition investigator

Older people likely to benefit tremendously by taking a niacin supplement! Science 17 June 352: 1396: Boosting NAD+ levels in mice, and likely in older people, improves respiration, stem cell maintenance, tissue preservation, and inhibits aging pathways. NAD+ is formed from nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN), nicotinamide riboside, or niacin.

Good sleep quality and quantity are fundamental to the maintenance of normal physiological processes. Changes in sleep patterns are commonly observed among young adults and are shown to impact neurocognitive, academic, and psychological well-being.

From Rolf Martin:  1) This presentation provides a tour of foods with longevity-correlated proportions, generally higher in serine and tyrosine and lower in methionine, which map together in 20-dimensional amino-acid-space near human milk, caviar and germ-line tissues that defy aging indefinitely.  The amino acids cysteine, glycine, serine and tyrosine all increased steadily during evolution of primate to human milk, hinting that this combination may support the extraordinary human longevity which co-evolved.  Methionine continued its long downward trend during primate evolution, so this amino acid declined steadily in heart tissue and then milk proteins from mice to man, spanning cat, dog, cow, horse and elephant evolution as well as rodent and primate. These amino acid changes are sufficiently precise to enable unbiased SIMCA multivariate analysis to predict primate/human lifespan with 99 percent accuracy, and to score and map all foods within the US Department of Agriculture Nutrition Database (Release 26) into zones comprised of proportions resembling short-lived species, or milk from the longest-lived primates.  These carefully-evolved proportions are then linked to daily circadian peak periods of high methionine and genetic damage that by hypothesis represent a burst of daily aging that occurs unless we protect ourselves by carefully selecting nutrient proportions at each meal (either baboon-like proportions or non-aging-germ-line proportions). Longevity-linked ratios in burritos are then shown to predict surprisingly low rates of Alzheimer's, cancer, heart disease, stroke and other age-associated illnesses within Hispanic-Americans aged 80 and above, and the partial reversal of advanced kidney disease when cats are fed a specially-formulated kidney-support diet.

2)  Preventing Menopause Hot Flashes With 1 to 2 Cups of Daily Blueberries. Three Case Reports. E.g. 44-year old woman was placed in medical-menopause after breast cancer. For six years she then "experienced hot-flashes throughout the day and night so intense she would be dripping with sweat on her face and chest". Within two weeks of 1 cup/day berries her hot-flashes were almost completely gone.

Heart rejuvenation after myocardial infarction - Science 17 June 352: 1400: A product named MCT can be administered to people who have had heart attacks. It causes cardiac fibroblasts to remodel into cardiac myocytes (muscle cells) which restore the heart to pre-attack strength and health.

The Home Independence Program (HIP), an Australian restorative home care/reablement service for older adults, has been shown to be effective in reducing functional dependency and increasing functional mobility, confidence in everyday activities, and quality of life. 

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- Roc, Nutrition Investigator
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