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SUBJ: Age reversal peptide and June Nutrition notes from Roc, Nutrition investigator

Notes this month are very long, and worth reading thanks to many thrilling discoveries, from my readings and notes from 2 research conferences c/o John D. Furber, incl. American Aging Assoc (AGE) annual meeting.

ABSOLUTELY NEW: Hazel Szeto: THE AGE REVERSAL PEPTIDE I HAVE MENTIONED PREVIOUSLY - It is an experimental compound, SS-31, that reverses age decline in mitochondrial function, muscle, heart, vision in mice, and is in 7 human clinical trials. It is a 7 amino acid peptide. SS-31 improves old heart function to young levels. SS-31 reduces old heart weight to young weight. 1 dose ip inj. reverses age decline in 1 hour. Her compound, SS-31, is being developed by Stealth Biotherapeutics, a company that she co-founded. It is stable for slow release and crosses the blood brain barrier to rejuvenate the brain. It is stable for slow release, and is suitable to inject as a depot (like birth control injected in arm). See details of this peptide here.

Bryant Villeponteau: Vitamin K2 is good for bone loss, and for organ calcification and arterial calcification. K2 is a co-factor for calcium-carrying proteins. We need 5 mg/day.

Elizabeth H. Blackburn: Telomeres protect chromosome ends and prevent end-to-end fusions, which lead to nondijunctions and cancer. When telomeres get too short, the cell changes its behaviors. Chronological age accounts for only less than 10% of variation in white blood cell mean telomere length. The chances of dying during the next seven years are greater among those of the same age with the shortest leukocyte telomeres. Stressors shortened telomeres in adults.

Bruce Yankner: Dementia is the most expensive disorder. The costs exceed those of heart disease and cancer.

There is a protective effect of soybean oil or fish oil rich diets on allergic airway inflammation.  

Oral ω-3 fatty acids supplementation was an effective treatment for dry eye symptoms. 

While parents have always struggled with snoring children or behavioral difficulties around bedtime, only recently have parents and clinicians become aware of the potential long-term negative consequences of leaving these problems unaddressed.

Rolf Martin: Hearing has much more predictive ability about your healthspan (health, frailty, etc) than other tests. Keri Althoff: Soda (Sweetened drinks) is associated with accelerated aging. Vitamin C enhances epigenetic modifications useful for cancer treatment. 1mM vitamin C was used in tissue culture of HLE and Huh7 cell lines. “How much sleep a college student needs is not clearly known, but is thought to be 8 hours.” 

EAT BLUEBERRIES: A variety of debilitating neuro-degenerative diseases are caused by the defective folding of particular proteins. Consider blueberries followed by a cup of green tea every day. Thus, increasing the disaggregation capacity of the cytosol can help to alleviate the progression of a neurodegenerative disease. Science  03 Jun 2016: 1186-1187

GET ENOUGH EXERCISE: 1) The present study demonstrated that regular resistance exercises could provide significant gains on the upper and lower body strength concomitant to positive improvements on cognitive capacities of elderly women (65.87±5.69 years), bringing enhanced life quality. The strength training group was composed of 29 elderly women who were subjected to a resistance exercise program defined by 12 upper and lower limb exercises combined in 3×10 repetitions with 1-minute interval between repetitions and two resting minutes between exercises (three times/week).

2) Elena Zambrano: Maternal exercise during and before pregnancy improves offspring. Similarly maternal healthy diet during and before pregnancy improves offspring. eg. Sperm quality and fertility of male offspring.
3) LaDora Thompson: Exercise reverses frailty in old mice

4) Eileen M. Crimmens:Ability to Balance is an inverse risk factor for mortality.

SciAmMind July/Aug16 -
Prevent Alzheimer’s and dementia risk by getting more education, eating right, learning a foreign language, staying physically and socially active, and retaining a sense of purpose.  Get out and explore new things, avoid people who are downers, eat fruit, veggies, and fish. Reduce causes of inflammation, including anxiety, depression, shyness, excessive worrying and pessimism.

There is a link between drugs like Nexium and Pilosec and dementia.

Soaring rates of nearsightedness can be prevented if kids spend more time outdoors.

Time goes more quickly as we age because we have fewer novel experiences. Learn new skills and explore new places.

READER RESPONSE: Breakfast - Thought you might be interested in this (Nothing magic about breakfast).
Roc’s response: Breakfast remains controversial, though physiologically it is reasonable that eating breakfast would be beneficial for a variety of reasons.   At my website, I get 75 hits for breakfast, most of which indicate benefits. Thanks for reading and responding.

- Roc, Nutrition Investigator
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