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SUBJECT: JNutr Feb, 2016 from Roc Nutritional Investigator

Isn’t june a month to be grateful for?
1. Soy may slow muscle atrophy -  Genistein intake mitigated denervation-induced soleus muscle atrophy.
2. Fat intake shortens infant sleeping. For each 5% increase in energy intake of either protein or carbohydrate at the expense of fat, sleep duration at 2 y of age was longer by 6 min
3. Saturated fat and sugar diet aggravates bone loss.
4. Paleolithic and Mediterranean Diet Pattern Scores Are Inversely Associated with Biomarkers of Inflammation and Oxidative Balance in Adults
5. 20 yrs of multivitamin use lowers heart disease risk 44%. In this long-term prospective study in initially healthy men, multivitamin use for ≥20 y was associated with a lower risk of major CVD events.
6. Alternative Pathway Analyses Indicate Bidirectional Relations between Depressive Symptoms, Diet Quality, and Central Adiposity in a Sample of Urban US Adults

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