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SUBJ: Apr Nutrition notes from Roc, Nutrition investigator

Happy Passover. We will not be truly free until we have helped everyone to be free.

A TED talk explaining why good posture causes positive emotions.

200 mg vitamin C daily in mice improved short term cognitive memory.  It increases elimination of cholesterol.  In enhances absorption of non-heme iron.  It reduces hospitalization in pregnant women.  High concentration of vitamin C in spinal fluid reflects it protects neurons from oxidative stress.

From Science:
Science 351:125 - Misfolded proteins are associated with the major neurodegenerative diseases - Alzheimer’s, ALS, Parkinson’s, and Huntington’s. Consider eating blueberries and then a cup of green tea.
Science 351:1039 - Microbiome affects aging process. Inflammation causes changes in the cells lining the GI tract, shortening life span.
Science 351:1277 - Sleep loss is bad for memory formation.
Science 351:1276 - Mom’s microbiome shapes infant’s immune system.
Science 351:1158 - It’s time to rethink early education; Replace factory model of isolated facts with emotional grounding and flexibility of mind.

From Scientific American Mind May/June 2016
40% of political beliefs come from our DNA.  City parks mend the minds of children. We get continually happier on average starting in late 30s. Social dancing leads to bonding, better mood, and self confidence. Donald Trump’s remarks are the best recruiter for ISIS.  Most people can maintain 5 close friends and 150 social connections. Perceived lack of social connection leads to increased mortality, depression, aggressiveness, and stress responses.  Some types of brain training actually work, like driver’s training for elderly.  Shaming is most damaging when there is nothing the person implicated can do to change the situation. Shaming works when we emphasize positive growth and avoid degradation and disrespect. Non-conformists move the world-in a Internet explorer world, those who download chrome or firefox set the example of creativity. Pregnancy starts a period of important neurodevelopment for women.  Intelligence is about 50% hereditary-20% in infants; 40% in childhood; 60% as an adult.

How to calculate your optimum heart rate for a workout-the Karvonen rate.
Best to workout at least 14 min/day at 60 to 80% of this rate.

Many who practice yoga have joint laxity that causes anxiety and workout fatigue.  It is measured with the Beighton Hypermobility Score.

I am working hard on an NIH grant to cure a type of cancer and develop a simple laboratory test to determine what other cancers can be cured with vitamin C. Science recently reported that redesigned clinical trials to revise cancer diagnostics, improve prognostic tools, and develop new therapies. Few realize that just to submit that grant and see if it will be funded will take over a year.

Reader question:
Please forgive me if you've already written about this but what do you hear about the MIND diet (Mediterranean plus DASH) for lowering the probability of Alzheimer's/cognitive decline?
I'm very interested since my mother had Alzheimer's (and my blood pressure could be a little lower).  Is it possible that following this eating plan could decrease the likelihood of Alz's by over 50%??  Seems too good to be true. Thanks
Mediterranean diet reduces risk of Alzheimer’s by 50%. In a previous study, higher concordance to the MIND diet, a hybrid Mediterranean-Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) diet, was associated with slower cognitive decline. In this study we related these three dietary patterns to incident Alzheimer’s disease (AD). We investigated the diet-AD relations in a prospective study of 923 participants, ages 58 to 98 years, followed on average 4.5 years. Diet was assessed by a semiquantitative food frequency questionnaire.

Thanks to another reader: The researchers found that the more physical activity the participants did, the larger their brain volumes were, which is associated with a reduced risk of Alzheimer’s. In fact, physical activity dropped their risk of Alzheimer’s by 50%! 

- Roc, Nutrition Investigator
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