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SUBJECT: April JNutr via Roc Nutrition Newsletter
HIGHLIGHTS: FOR everyone: Soy rather than milk protein increases microbiome diversity and reduces lipid levels; triglyerides 40% and cholesterol 20%.

Only 10% of Americans have a healthy sodium-to-potassium ratio in their diets.  The dietary sodium-to-potassium ratio (Na:K) is shown to be more strongly associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) and CVD-related mortality than either sodium or potassium intake alone.

There is an inverse ratio between omega-3 intake and depression.  An inverse association between the omega-3 index and depressive symptoms was observed among participants with elevated oxidative stress biomarkers. These data suggest that oxidative stress status may identify those who might benefit from ω-3 FA consumption to improve depressive symptoms.

The Dietary Inflammatory Index Is Associated with 75% increased Prostate Cancer Risk.

Salt Promotes Passive Overconsumption of Dietary Fat.

HIGHLIGHTS: FOR over 65: Men over 65 need 30% more protein.

Intake of Total Polyphenols and Some Classes of Polyphenols Is Inversely Associated with Diabetes in Elderly People at High Cardiovascular Disease Risk.

Higher Childhood Red Meat Intake Frequency Is Associated with Earlier Age at Menarche, whereas greater fatty fish intake frequency is associated with a later menarcheal age.

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