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SUBJ: Mar Nutrition notes from Roc, Nutrition investigator

Feb 22/29 Time: Cover story “How to be 100 years old” From the editor: What if you live to be 100? Or even longer? Life extension is a solvable problem- Nobel prize winner (for telomere discovery) Elizabeth Blackburn
1. Exercise - . Exercise is probably the most healthy thing you can do - keeping the brain robust is an essential part of health. Even doing a few chores around the house lowered the risk of heart attacks.
2. Diet - Cutting down on how much you eat does not have to be excruciating-just eat more plant based foods. 
3. Stay Positive - Positive age stereotypes seem protective of not experiencing these biomarkers of aging. Meditation may even slow aging by stabilizing telomeres.. Eat better, move more, stay positive! Your inner life has an important impact on how well the body ages biologically. .” Stress accelerates onset of Alzheimer’s.  People with more negative views of aging earlier in life had greater brain shrinkage. They also have more plaques and tangles leading to Alzheimer’s.  Smile when you are stuck in traffic, or when going to the doctor for a shot. 
4. Reduce inflammation - To fight Alzheimer’s, tame inflammation through diet, exercise, reducing stress, controlling insulin.
5. SUMMARY - Natl Institute of Aging Director advocates “a diet rich in plants and omega-3 fatty acids, mindfulness meditation, and regular exercise

How to develop a better retirement center -THE Senior Living Lab an example of nursing leadership - The Senior Living Lab (SLL) is dedicated to the care of older adults and exemplifies how nursing leadership can influence clinical practice by designing research models capable of configuring interdisciplinary partnerships with the potential of generating innovative practices and better older patient outcomes.

Stronger bones with 1 hr 3 days a wk exercise and Ca, Mn, Cu, Zn daily value intake from age 30-60 - CORRELATION between bone mineral density and serum trace elements in response to supervised aerobic training in older adults. Evaluating the effective role of supervised aerobic exercise for 1 hour/day, 3 days/week for 12 weeks.  The observed changes in the levels of Ca, Mn, Cu, and Zn were shown to be positively correlated with improved bone mass density among control and osteoporosis subjects of both sexes.

Increased levels of oxidized proteins with aging are a cardiovascular risk factor. We provide the first evidence that oxidized albumin induces endothelial injury which then contributes to the increase of cardiovascular disease in the elderly subjects.

“The physicians estimated a substantial minority of the patients to be noncompliant with oral bisphosphonates, for reasons including primarily gastrointestinal intolerance and medication-related side effects.” PHYSICIANS perspectives on the treatment of osteoporosis patients with bisphosphonates

READER’S QUESTION: Did you mean 30 species - or three supply most of the world’s calories?  If you meant 30, what's the percentage from the Big Three - wheat, corn, rice? “The world’s food supply depends on about 150 plant species. Of those 150, just 12 provide three-quarters of the world’s food. 

Study suggests drinking soda piles on fat around internal organs - AOL

I hope you are well in every way. This article flitted through my Facebook earlier and reminded me of some things you taught in your Nutrition class, as well as that old saying, "everything in moderation." The joy of the right amount of sex!

- Roc, Nutrition Investigator
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