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SUBJECT: March JNutr via Roc Nutrition Newsletter
Explanation is found for how flavonoids prevent heart disease - The present findings suggest that metabolism of flavonoids increases their vascular efficacy, resulting in a diversity of structures of varying bioactivity in human endothelial cells.
0.7g EPA+DHA reduced systolic blood pressure 5mm in 8 wks - These findings indicate that in adults with isolated systolic hypertension, daily doses of EPA+DHA as low as 0.7 g show clinically meaningful BP reductions, which, at a population level, could be associated with lower cardiovascular disease risk. 
Coffee increases antioxidant capacity (AC) of plasma -  Both coffees, which contained chlorogenic acids (CGAs) and were low in diterpenes and caffeine, provided bioavailable CGAs and had a positive acute effect on the plasma AC in healthy adults and no effect on blood lipids or vascular function. The group that did not drink coffee showed no improvement in serum lipid profile, FMD, BP, or NO plasma metabolites.
Broccoli protects your liver - The high-fat and high-sugar Westernized diet that is popular worldwide is associated with increased body fat accumulation, which has been related to the development of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). Without treatment, NAFLD may progress to hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), a cancer with a high mortality rate. The consumption of broccoli in the United States has greatly increased in the last 2 decades. Epidemiologic studies show that incorporating brassica vegetables into the daily diet lowers the risk of several cancers, and our study shows in reduces fatty liver disease which leads to liver cancer.
Microbiome shifts to increase colon disease in response to a high protein diet (45% vs 20%)- Concomitant increases in cadaverine (4.88-fold), spermine (31.2-fold), and sulfide (4.8-fold) (P < 0.05) and a decrease in butyrate (2.16-fold) (P < 0.05) in the HPD rats indicated an evident shift toward the production of unhealthy microbial metabolites.
Vitamin D may reduce risk of breast cancer by 50%, unless you are obese, more than doubling your risk.

Breakfast-Skipping and Selecting Low-Nutritional-Quality Foods for Breakfast Are Common among Low-Income Urban Children, Regardless of Food Security Status.

FOR PREGNANCY: Prenatal choline is important to brain development -  Fetal-neonatal iron deficiency reprograms molecular networks associated with the pathogenesis of neurologic and psychological disorders in adult rats. The positive response to prenatal choline represents a potential adjunctive therapeutic supplement to the high-risk group.

Get enough zinc when pregnant - Maternal serum zinc level is inversely related to preterm birth.

Protein level in infant formula may contribute to long-term obesity - The current evidence is insufficient for assessing the effects of reducing the protein concentration in infant formulas on long-term outcomes, but, if confirmed, this could be a promising intervention for reducing the risk of overweight and obesity in children.

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