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SUBJECT: AJCN Mar, 2016 from Roc Nutrition Investigator

HIGHLIGHTS: EVERYONE: Antioxidant supplementation reduced cancer mortality 53-83% and all cause mortality was half as large over 13 years. How inflammatory the diet was also correlated with poor health outcomes. These results suggest that a proinflammatory diet is associated with increased all-cause and cancer mortality and antioxidants may counteract some of the proinflammatory effects of the diet. 

Daily consumption of 12 oz of concord grade juice over 3-4 months has been shown to improve memory function and reduce blood pressure, and also to improve ability in complex tasks like driving.

Egg or cholesterol intakes were not associated with increased coronary artery disease risk, even in highly susceptible individuals (32.5% of the men). The study included 1032 men aged 42–60 y in 1984–1989.

1-2 drinks of alcohol a day reduce your risk for type 2 diabetes (T2D) 17-26% - Light and moderate alcohol consumption was associated with a lower risk of T2D, whereas heavy alcohol consumption was not related to the risk of T2D.

Men taking supplemental calcium increase risk of death, women are not substantially affected. In this cohort, associations of calcium intake and mortality varied by sex. For women, total and supplemental calcium intakes are associated with lower mortality, whereas for men, supplemental calcium intake ≥1000 mg/d may be associated with higher all-cause and CVD-specific mortality.

Soy has a 11-12% heart benefit for people with the right genes.

High protein diet combined with low caloric intake and intense exercise increases muscles and decreases fat - During 4 weeks, consuming twice as much protein (2.4 g/kg/day) while cutting caloric intake 40% and getting strenuous workouts 6 days/wk resulted in losing an average of 4.8 kg of body fat without losing muscle strength. Workouts included 10,000 daily steps plus about 1 hr of vigorous exercise like sprinting, weight lifting, pushups and situps. - These conditions also improved sleep quality.  The consumption of a greater proportion of energy from protein while dieting may improve sleep in overweight and obese adults.

PREGNANT: Severity of gestational diabetes is associated with obesity in 7 yr old children - Among women with gestational diabetes mellitus, maternal fasting plasma glucose concentrations during pregnancy were significantly and positively associated with offspring birth size and overweight/obesity risk at 7 y, adjusting for maternal prepregnancy BMI.

MATURE: 22g whey protein, 11g BCAAs, 100IU vitamin D and regular exercise increases  fat-free mass, strength, physical function, and quality of life, and reduce the risk of malnutrition in sarcopenic elderly persons

Zinc supplementation at 30 mg/d for 3 mo is effective in increasing serum zinc concentrations in nursing home elderly. Of 53 nursing home elderly (aged ≥65 y) who met eligibility criteria, 58% had a low serum zinc concentration.

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