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SUBJ: Feb Nutrition notes from Roc, Nutrition investigator

Scientific American Mind, Mar/Apr ‘16
Pg 26 - The optimal brain diet: Fish and veggie rich Mediterranean diet (MD) is associated with better mental health - healthy diet is as effective as 5 hrs/wk counseling to prevent major depression; Those consuming a Western diet (WD) for 4 yrs had more mood disorders and also a smaller hippocampus critical to memory formation. Those on MD had cognitive abilities 7.5 yrs younger than those on WD. 50,000IU vitamin D weekly for 4 weeks relieved major depression in many people. DHA decreases brain inflammation.  Microbiome of 100 trillion non-human cells in our body depend on MD variety, aiding brain and reducing inflammation.  Drugs like Prozac are much more hazardous and less effective for most people than MD.

Time on Facebook, when it evokes envy, increased depression.  Median email reply time is under an hour, median length is 17-40 wds, more the older you are. Negative tweets expressing anger and hostility correlate with death from heart disease. Tweet and facebook comment analysis is more accurate and much less expensive than CDC or Gallup polls to predict community well-being.
Don’t overuse the pacifier with babies, it delays speaking.
Lack of sleep blunts emotional reactions, esp. positive ones.
The difference in happiness between those who had sex less than once a month and those who had sex every week was as great as between those earning less than $15,000 and those earning more than $100 grand! For those deprived, just tell yourself you’re having better sex than all those once-a-weekers.

Science 5 Feb
Pg 542 - Babies delivered by C-section benefit when mom’s vaginal secretions just before delivery are swabbed over the newborn after delivery.
Pg 567 -0 An emphasis on consistency and durability over variety and flavor has left many of our favorite foods in peril - of 30,000 edible plant species, 95% of calories come from just 30 species.
Science 12 Feb
Pg 679 - Potassium loss stresses out kidney cells, esp. in African-Americans, who are 5x more likely to develop advanced kidney disease.

- Roc, Nutrition Investigator
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