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SUBJECT: Roc's reading notes for Feb, 2015

I have been reading some exciting articles, and rearranging my website archives.

Roc’s index on human aging - This is an index linked to explanations of what I have learned about why humans age, and how to slow the damage associated with aging.

Roc's index of my original research - These are some posters of some of my personal research over the years.

Roc's index of readings - These are articles I treasure, so I have put onthem line over the years. The most recent explains the great health benefits of producing music through an instrument or voice (How useful it is for old and young to produce music), whether you are young or old. You will also find an article (Happiness) that I guaranteed students would make them happy any time they wanted to be truly happy. Please scan the titles for a wealth of wonderful articles.

Exercise probably helps older adults learn more effectively – Clin Intervention in aging 4 Sept 14

Second discovery of a method likely to dramatically extend human healthspan (first one described here) - Technique found to lengthen telomeres by 10% - Jan 2015 FASEB - Telomeres shorten as we age. A technique has been discovered to lengthen them, turn old cells into young ones. This has only been done for human cells thus far.

A way to lessen your wrinkles when you age - Gently massaging the face 15 minutes 3 times a week for 8 weeks reduces wrinkles noticeably

The downside of living a longer life - Over the years, scientists have identified many factors that increase longevity in animal models. But do these interventions also let animals stay healthy longer, giving them an extended “healthspan”? To find out, Bansal et al. measured a range of physiological parameters over the lifetime of worms with mutations that extended their lifespans. The effect of these mutations on healthspan was variable. In fact, control worms had the greatest healthspan when calculated as a percentage of total lifespan. Extending the period of ill health of an increasingly aged human population could be devastating, suggesting that researchers should focus on optimizing healthspan rather than lifespan. - Science 30 Jan 2015 pg 517

Effects of vitamins C and D in type 2 diabetes mellitus- Studies suggest an association between vitamin C deficiency and diabetes. An association between vitamin D and insulin resistance has been well described; however, the role of vitamin C and D supplementation in diabetes and its prevention requires further controlled trials.

Here is a wonderful book about na innovative medical clinic established by my former Beloit College student Yoon Hang "John" Kim '91, now M.D. He explains how he has built his organization to provide health to patients and employees of the clinic, instead of the expensive damage control system most Americans have to accept – Tao of Healing - a book to open the minds of patients and doctors.

- Roc, Nutrition Investigator
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