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SUBJECT: J Nutrition Feb, 2015

A calorie is not a calorie - More evidence you are eating signals to metabolism, not just food. These findings suggest that wheat alkylresorcinols increase glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity by suppressing hepatic lipid accumulation and intestinal cholesterol absorption, which subsequently suppresses diet-induced obesity. Translation - Wheat bran prevents absorption of cholesterol from your intestine, so calories just pass right out. Whole-grain (WG) foods have been suggested to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, certain cancers, and type 2 diabetes. According to epidemiologic data, even 1–3 servings/d (i.e., 16–48 g) of WG is associated with health benefits. WG also alter your microbiome. Different bacteria in your colon improve burning calories preventing weight gain.

Whey protein supplementation preserves muscles when you are dieting -  Higher dietary energy as protein during weight loss results in a greater loss of fat mass and retention of muscle mass. We conclude that whey protein supplementation attenuated the decline in postprandial rates of myofibrillar protein synthesis after weight loss, which may be of importance in the preservation of lean mass during longer-term weight loss interventions. 

Eating grapes builds strong bones - [Roc note: I try to eat a bunch every day!] The consumption of grape products may improve calcium utilization and suppress bone turnover, resulting in improvements in bone quality. The grape-enriched diet caused 44% greater net bone calcium retention. Grapes and their associated phytochemicals have been investigated for beneficial effects on cardiovascular health, cancer prevention, and other chronic diseases.

Saturated fat is better than sugar - Recent studies suggest that replacing SFAs with MUFAs and/or PUFAs may be beneficial, whereas replacing SFAs with carbohydrates having a high glycemic index might increase risk. Moreover, several recent analyses have questioned the deleterious effects of SFA from dairy products. Conclusions: There was no association between dietary intake of SFAs and incident coronary events or mortality in patients with established CAD.

Swordfish and shark have high mercury; 1 in 200 US children have high mercury levels -  Less than 0.5% of youth had blood mercury concentrations ≥5.8 μg/L. No significant associations were observed between frequency of breaded fish or catfish consumption and blood mercury concentrations, but frequency of consuming certain seafood types had significant positive association with blood mercury concentrations: high-mercury fish (swordfish and shark) [exponentiated β coefficient: 2.40]; salmon (1.41); tuna (1.38); crabs (1.35); shrimp (1.12), and all other seafood (1.23).

Soft drinks make people fat - A 100 kcal increase in soft drink consumption was associated with a 1.1 cm increase in Waist circumference. Adults’ consumption of soft drinks was associated with increased WC and odds of 10-y incidence of abdominal obesity. 

Eating more fishoil reduces anxiety - Growing evidence suggests that the dietary ratio of linoleic acid (LA) to α-linolenic acid (ALA), the precursors of arachidonic acid (AA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), respectively, may affect behavior in mammals. Low LA intake and a low dietary LA:ALA ratio increased exploration and decreased anxiety-related behaviors.

Microcredit entrepreneurial training for women improves children's nutrition -  An integrated package of microcredit and education may improve nutritional outcomes of children living in poor, rural communities. A quasi-experimental 16-mo intervention was conducted with microcredit loans and weekly sessions of nutrition and entrepreneurship education for 179 women with children 2–5 y of age.

SNAP food assistance in US is vital to health - The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) provides nutrition assistance benefits to low-income families in an effort to reduce hunger and improve health and well-being. Because 1 in 7 Americans participate in the program each month, policymakers need to know whether the program is meeting these objectives effectively. IT IS!!  Given recent legislation to reduce program size and limit program eligibility, this study underscores SNAP’s continued importance in affecting households’ well-being. 

- Roc, Nutrition Investigator
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