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SUBJECT: Reading notes for Aug 2014

1) Niagen - A reader asked about this supplement. It is a very expensive modified vitamin B6, which makes great claims. But this link shows what I found, indicating digestion makes it the same as a vitamin B supplement.
2) Prediabetes – A reader asked what to do if one has been diagnosed with prediabetes. This link provides a starting list of the actions I found searching 20 of 200+ peer-reviewed articles in my web site.
3) Berry parfait – A reader suggested I add a recipe section.  Given the benefits of eating berries, here’s one that looks yummy.
4) And here’s how to brew green tea. To get the most EGCG, brew tea bag 4 to 5 minutes starting with boiling water. This gives 3 times as much EGCG content as 1 minute at 80 degrees C.
5) There are many headlines from articles I have read:

Issue Summary


Science 345:415 A vitamin's dark side in liver disease – 1/3rd of US adults have fatty liver disease, and high levels of vitamin B1 is likely to cause this disease.


Science 345:378 Translation error causes brain disease – This is an example of a serious disease caused by protein misfolding. The clinical trial I am preparing to announce once approved by my IRB seeks to reduce the risk of chronic disease caused by mRNA translation errors.


Science 345:280 Reprogrammed heart cells become effective pacemaker - Pacemakers have revolutionized the care of patients with slow or abnormal heart rhythms, but these devices can break or become infected. With these patients in mind, Hu et al. created biological pacemakers to provide temporary, hardware-free support until a damaged electronic device can be replaced. They inserted a gene for a human transcription factor into heart muscle cells. This gene reprogrammed the cells to become pacemakers—cells that emit rhythmic electrical impulses to drive the beating heart. These biological pacemaker cells restored normal heart rate in pigs with complete heart block—a problem with the heart's electrical system.


Science 344:1446  How the human brain decides to change strategies; shows map of brain regions and what each does in deciding -

Sci Am Mind Mar/Apr14

pg 11-sex hormones lessen snacking – Oxytocin reduces pleasure eaing without interfering with normal hunger.
pg 11-food tastes bland while multitasking. “Eating while distracted is a  well-known cause of overindulgence.” So do not multitask at mealtime, e.g. watching TV.

- Roc, Nutrition Investigator
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