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J Nutrition Nov, 2013 -- Links to the abstracts of articles are at the start of the synopses below.


Soy reduces gastric cancer risk - the data supported the hypothesis that tofu may protect against distal gastric cancer in men and dry bean consumption may decrease the risk of gastric cancer in postmenopausal women.

Fish oil intake reduces depression -  There is a strong inverse correlation between the prevalence of depression and fish consumption across populations. Evidence that depressive symptoms are inversely related to n–3 (ω-3) fatty acids is growing among United States adults.among United States women, higher intakes of n–3 fatty acids [absolute (n–3) and relative to n–6 fatty acids (n–3:n–6)] were associated with lower risk of elevated depressive symptoms.

Especially those with low socioeconomic status retain higher cognitive function with a better diet - Interventions promoting retention of cognitive function through improved diet quality would provide maximum benefit to those with relatively low SEP. Other studies show malnutrition contributes to violence.

Skipping breakfast has many negative effects on health - Breakfast skipping is a potentially modifiable behavior that has negative effects on health. Compared with breakfast consumers, women who reported rarely/never eating breakfast tended to have poorer self-rated health, be current smokers, pay less attention to health, not prioritize their own healthy eating when busy looking after their family, have less nutrition knowledge, and a lower proportion were trying to control their weight.

People over age 60 have poor response to flu vaccine unless they get proper nutrition - See next newsletter for comments on how to get the flu vaccine safely and effectively.

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