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SUBJECT: Should you get a flu vaccine? -Notes from Roc Nutrition Investigator

A reader spoke to me about the flu vaccine. How dangerous is it to get the flu? Flu vaccine reduces heart attack/stroke/cancer deaths; hospitalizations are increased 200% and deaths by 700% due to flu and pneumonia. 1 in 3 over age 70 are permanently disabled as a result of three weeks in hospital.  They need a protein supplement with essential amino acids to maintain muscles (AGE 2006). The flu vaccine is only 9% effective in people age 65 or older. Actually, this has been known since 1997, when Simin Meydani at Tufts showed that 200IU of vitamin E daily was necessary for the vaccine (and the immune system) to be effective in mature people. "There's really no way to get all of this vitamin E in a natural diet."

"Isn't there mercury in the flu vaccine?" In the US, we get single dose vaccinations, which do not contain mercury. That is found in the adjuvant thimerosol, which is a preservative/enhancer used in multidose vials used in certain situations abroad.

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