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J Nutrition Apr, 2013 -- Links to the abstracts of articles are at the start of the summaries below.

1.  Short-Term Feed Deprivation Rapidly Induces the Protein Degradation Pathway in Skeletal Muscles - This is why, to avoid permanent muscle loss, it is essential to eat enough protein during extended bed rest, especially for mature people in the hospital or recovery.

2. Protein Blend Ingestion Following Resistance Exercise Promotes Human Muscle Protein Synthesis - But after a work out, protein ingestion, especially BCAAs, is particularly helpful to build muscles.

3. Eat berries to lower glycemic response- In vitro studies suggest that polyphenol-rich berries may reduce digestion and absorption of starch and thereby suppress postprandial glycemia. These results suggest than when Wheat Bread is consumed with berries, less insulin is needed for maintenance of normal or slightly improved postprandial glucose metabolism. The lower insulin response to Rye B compared with WB can also be further reduced by berries.

4. Eat capsaicin and protein - Addition of Capsaicin and Exchange of Carbohydrate with Protein Counteract Energy Intake Restriction Effects on Fullness and Energy Expenditure. Energy intake restriction causes a yo-yo effect by decreasing energy expenditure (EE) and decreasing fullness.During energy restriction, protein and capsaicin promoted a negative fat balance and protein treatments also prevented a negative protein balance.

5. Getting 3g of fish oil daily reduces risk of blood clots about 15% - Women benefited more from DHA, men from EPA, which are the main fatty acids in fish oil.

6. Details of which red meats increase risk for which types of colon cancer - Cancer prevention guidelines recommend limiting intake of red meat and avoiding processed meat. The risk associated with specific red meat subtypes depended on the animal of origin and cancer subsite. Please choose the No Fours Diet.

7. Remember to get multivitamin (folate)/mineral supplement during the first trimester of pregnancy - Adequate folate and iron intake during pregnancy is critical for maternal and fetal health. Given the role of folic acid in the prevention of neural tube defects, it is notable that supplement use and median RBC folate was lowest in the first trimester of pregnancy, with [only] 55% of women taking a supplement containing folic acid.

8. Long-Term Adherence to the Mediterranean Diet Is Associated with Overall Cognitive Status- We included 16,058 women from the Nurses’ Health Study, aged ≥70 y. Each higher quintile of long-term MeDi score was linearly associated with better multivariable-adjusted mean cognitive scores.

9. Folate and vitamin B-12 are important for nervous system functioning at all ages, with important roles in functions such as neurotransmitter synthesis. In the largest study to date, higher folate concentrations were associated with better reading and block design scores. These associations appear to be biologically plausible and merit further study.

10. White button mushrooms improve your microbiome - Adding modest amounts of WB mushrooms (1 g/100 g diet) to the diet changed the composition of the normal flora and the urinary metabolome of mice and these changes resulted in better control of inflammation and resolution of infection.

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You must read and accept the disclaimer to use this site.