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500 mg of Vitamin C twice a day reduces damaging symptoms of stress

Reading a great new book"The Emotional Life of Your Brain", by Richie Davidson MD PhD, Director of the NIH Center for Meditation at UW Madison.

"Plasma fibrinogen is a molecule implicated in inflammation and coronary disease. Because its blood levels rise in stressful life circumstances, it is a general marker of inflammation and has been implicated in such illnesses as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and asthma. The participants who rated themselves as the least happy had the highest cortisol levels that were, on average, 48% higher than those who rated themselves as the most happy. The least happpy participants also had a hugely elevated plasma fibrinogen response to two stess-inducing tasks."

And people with the highest serum levels of vitamin C, produced by 500 mg taken twice a day, also have the lowest levels of cortisol in their blood.

So why not be happy and take 500mg of vitamin C twice a day?

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