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The China Study

By T. Colin Campbell and T.M. Campbell, Benbella Books, Dallas, 2004

"The study can be considered the Grand Prix of Epidemiology" - New York Times

T. Colin Campbell is a distinguished nutrition research who developed and ran a 20-year study of nutrition in China. The book is packed with data and peer-reviewed citations with overpowering evidence of the wonderful effects of eating a "whole-foods, plant-based diet," and the terrible illness and suffering caused by "animal protein." His data and mechanistic informtion are thoroughly persuasive. Animal protein - which means meat and dairy products, even milk - are clearly shown to be the cause of almost all of the diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and mental decline as well as many other ailments. Note that he does not advocate simply vegetarian, because that still includes lots of refined grains, for instance. This book is only $25, and simply being aware of the information in it could vastly improve your health.

Here's a note received in June, 2006 from someone who has followed this diet for many years:

I'm really glad you're encouraging people to read this book.  This is
exactly the diet that my physician suggested for me 12 years ago.
- whole foods, plant-based. I was also to avoid all free fats and free
sugars, caffeine and alcohol and very hot spices.  The immediate problem we
were working with was recurrent bladder infections, but over time I
coincidentally recovered from a host of other things with this diet change,
including hypoglycemia, creeping overweight (I was 155 at the time I changed
my diet, and I'm 125 now), anxiety attacks, recurring bronchitis, and my
allergies have diminished also. There were also 7 other lifestyle changes
Dr. Mary XXX encouraged me to make (besides diet) to support my recovering
health, so I think it was synergistic. ..

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