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J Nutrition Dec, 2007

FISH OIL REDUCES WEIGHT GAIN AND INFLAMMATION. Fish oil reduces body weight gain. "Overweight persons are at risk for cardiovascular diseases, which may relate to a disturbed endothelial function and pro-inflammatory serum profiles. Indeed, weight loss lowers cardiovascular disease risk" Moderately obese men getting the equivalent of 4 g fish oil daily combined with weight loss were much healthier. Fish oil also reduces inflammation. "Monocytes/macrophages are key orchestrators of inflammation and are involved in the pathogenesis of chronic inflammatory disorders, including atherosclerosis. (n-3) Fatty acids, found in fish oil, have been shown to have protective effects in such disorders." And you can probably eat fish without worrying about mercury."Preliminary findings from this study suggest that the beneficial influence of nutrients from fish may counter any adverse effects of [methyl mercury] on the developing nervous system. "

SOY AND RED WINE REDUCE WEIGHT GAIN TOO. And the combination of reservatrol [found in red wine, esp. cabernet sauvignon] and genistein [found in soy] is found to be more potent in exerting antiobesity effects than either one alone.

FRUIT IS SO IMPORTANT. Apples suppress colorectal tumors because they are rich in polyphenols. Watermelon provides arginine, a beneficial amino acid, also found in foods like turkey, nuts, whole wheat, granola, and dairy products. "These results provide the first evidence to our knowledge for a beneficial effect of [arginine] for increasing arginine availability, reducing serum concentrations of cardiovascular risk factors, improving glycemic control, and ameliorating vascular dysfunction..." Even fruit juice [without added sugar] is good for you.

PROTEIN WITH CALCIUM HELPS BONES. There has been concern that milk may harm bones because protein can leech calcium from bones. Fortunately, here is the answer. Protein is beneficial to bone when calcium intake is adequate. "Our results indicate that when calcium intake is adequate, protein intake has a beneficial effect on the bone mass of young adult females. Protein, in the absence of sufficient calcium, does not confer as much benefit to bone."

Be happy. Have a wonderful December.

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