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J Nutr, Dec 2011

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1. Infant formula very deficient compared to breast milk. Oligosaccharides, the 3rd-most abundant component in human milk, are virtually absent from infant formulas and from the cow milk on which most are based. In breast-fed infants, human milk oligosaccharides (HMO) act as both receptor analogs, interfering with pathogen adhesion, and as prebiotics, stimulating the growth of certain commensal bacteria (e.g. bifidobacteria) and supporting the innate immunity.

2. Replacing soda with water and desserts with fruit makes a tremendous difference to energy intake and disease risk. An obvious but healthful reminder....

3. Children weigh less and eat more vegetables if they eat fewer energy dense foods.

4. Vitamin E deficiency may decrease your omega-3 supply. Thus, inadequate vitamin E status led to a depletion of PUFA that may be a result of either or both increased lipid peroxidation and an impaired ability to synthesize sufficient PUFA, especially (n-3) PUFA.

5. Vitamin D may help you build muscles. In humans, cholecalciferol affects skeletal muscle histology, morphology, and ultrastructure and regulates the proliferation and differentiation of different cell types, including skeletal muscle cells.

6. Chewing food longer, and adding salt, decreases food intake in healthy normal-weight men. Prolonging the orosensory exposure per food unit may be helpful to reduce food intake.

7. Eating saturated fats stimulates action of obesity-associated genes to raise BMI (What is BMI?). No correlation was found with carbohydrate intake.

8. Whole grains reduce risk of prostate cancer.

9. 50% reduction of salt in bread does not affect consumption. Manufacturers would find this an easy way to reduce our salt consumption.

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