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J Nutr, July 2011


1. Skipping breakfast is hazardous to your life. - In conclusion, missing breakfast causes metabolic and hormonal differences in the responses to foods consumed later in the morning as well as differences in subjective appetite and a compensatory increase in energy intake.

2. High cholesterol intake is associated with age-related hearing loss. - Our results suggest that a diet high in cholesterol could have adverse influences on hearing, whereas treatment with statins and consumption of monounsaturated fats may have a beneficial influence.

3. CLA supplement shows no benefit. - The usefulness of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) as a nutraceutical remains ambiguous. 8-wk of 3.5 g per day did not effect body composition, blood lipids, and safety biomarkers in overweight, hyperlipidemic men.

4. Obesity causes inflammation (In), but fish oil reduces In. - Increased adipose tissue positively correlates with circulating inflammatory cytokines such as IL-6. Results suggest that omega-3 fatty acids EPA and SDA inhibit LPS-induced IL-6 secretion and IL-6 mRNA expression in the adipose stem cells .

5. High intake of foods with added sugar during early childhood may cause obesity. - Perhaps obvious, but worth remembering. Low intakes were not critical.

6. High fat diet when pregnant harms offspring. - Maternal high-fat (HF) diet feeding is associated with increased risk of developing metabolism-related diseases in adult offspring, including chronic liver disease. The results provide the first evidence to our knowledge that maternal HF diet might alter antioxidant defense capacity and program the p16INK4a-dependent cellular senescence in the liver of adult offspring.

7. Knowing proper fat diet for pregnancy (shown in details) helps offspring. - Our findings suggest a better supply of essential FA, particularly important during the period of rapid development, in infants whose mothers received dietary counseling. Advice includes increasing unsat'd and decreasing sat'd fats. The recommended amounts of foods were planned to result in MUFA contributing 10–15% of total daily energy intake (E%), PUFA contributing 5–10 E%, and SFA contributing ≤10 E%. Total intake of fat was aimed for 30 E %, carbohydrates 55–60 E%, and protein 10–15 E%. The results thus highlight the importance of maternal diet for child health, calling for dietary counseling for pregnant women in primary health care.

8. First infant feedings improved with prebiotics. - There is some evidence that early colonization of the intestine affects the composition of the intestinal microbiota after weaning. he data from this small explorative study indicate that early colonization of the intestine might have long-lasting effects on the composition of the intestinal microbiota.

9. Public Health Evaluation Survey Instruments-
A. A questionnaire to evaluate childhood nutrition.
B. An evaluation for food security in the elderly .
C. A quantifiable cardiovascular risk score.

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