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J Nutrition Sept, 2010 -See this, longer synopses, and links to published articles below or at Nutrition investigator .

SUMMARY - Evidence of good things to be getting in your diet is provided for resveratrol (1), blueberries (2a and 2b), whole grains (4), and vitamin D (5). Hazards were found for eating too much protein (3), and high fat and calorie selections at school lunches (6).


1. Resveratrol reduces risk of breast cancer - (good source at this link) By preventing epigenetic silencing of a tumor suppressor gene, resveratrol prevents breast tumor cancer cell growth.

2a. Eating blueberries protects your heart even if you are obese - Plasma LDL and blood pressure were reduced by eating about a pound of blueberries daily for 8 weeks, even in people obese with metabolic syndrome. 2b. Blueberries attenuate atherosclerosis by activating antioxidant systems.

3. Too much protein intake may harm kidneys - Though high protein diets may reduce weight gain, protein intake above the Upper Limit are likely to harm your kidneys.

4. Diet of whole grains reduces inflammation in premenopausal women - As inflammation causes much chronic disease, whole grains help maintain good health.

5. Mother must provide fetus with vitamin D - Taking vit. D supplements only after birth is unlikely to provide child with enough to build strong bones.

6. School lunches often exceed a healthy limit of saturated fat and calories

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