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J Nutrition Aug, 2007

[nutrient signalling ] [This is how my weight loss discovery works! and is a new basis for why nutrition is so important.] Nutrient Signaling Components Controlling Protein Synthesis in Striated Muscle " The hastening of mRNA translation initiation most likely results from a stimulation of mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR)...Amino acids and leucine in particular are as effective as a complete meal in stimulating mRNA translation initiation by targeting these specific signal transduction systems. The physiologic importance lies in the potential ability of amino acids as specific nutrients designed to counteract the accelerated host protein wasting associated with a number of disease entities, including cancer, HIV infection, sepsis, and diabetes, and to improve nutrition to maintain muscle mass in aging populations and ensure muscle growth in neonatal populations."

[Tocotrienols are important class of vitamin E nutrients] In Vivo Angiogenesis Is Suppressed by Unsaturated Vitamin E, Tocotrienol " Antiangiogenic therapy using drugs and food components is a recognized strategy for the prevention of various angiogenesis-mediated disorders such as tumor growth, diabetic retinopathy, and rheumatoid arthritis...Our findings suggest that tocotrienol (T3) has potential as a therapeutic dietary supplement for preventing angiogenic disorders, and therefore future clinical study will be required to evaluate the efficacy and safety of T3."

[Carbohydrate restricted diet beneficial] A Carbohydrate-Restricted Diet Alters Gut Peptides and Adiposity Signals in Men and Women with Metabolic Syndrome " Carbohydrate-restricted diets have been shown to enhance satiation- and other homeostatic-signaling pathways controlling food intake and energy balance, which may serve to reduce the incidence of obesity and metabolic syndrome. ..Collectively, these results suggest that in patients with metabolic syndrome, improved adiposity signaling and increased postprandial CCK concentrations may act together as a possible compensatory control mechanism to maintain low intakes and facilitate weight loss, despite an increase in fasting ghrelin concentrations and subjective measures of hunger."

[Anthocyanins-red and blue color in veggies - are valuable to health] Anthocyanins Inhibit Nuclear Factor-B Activation in Monocytes and Reduce Plasma Concentrations of Pro-Inflammatory Mediators in Healthy Adults " The transcription factor nuclear factor-B (NF-B) is activated by oxidative stress and pro-inflammatory stimuli and controls the expression of numerous genes involved in the inflammatory response...These data suggest that anthocyanin supplementation may have a role in the prevention or treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases by inhibition of NF-B transactivation and deceased plasma concentrations of pro-inflammatory chemokines, cytokines, and inflammatory mediators. "


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