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J Nutrition Mar, 2008

SUMMARY -Reports on what you can eat that is good for your health: dietary fiber, olive oil, red wine, white button mushrooms, cruciferous vegetables, coffee, cereals, berries, fruits. NEW DISCOVERY LIKELY TO BE BAD FOR YOU: CARAGEENAN!! - in many ice creams, yogurt, etc - please read below.

Dietary fiber has many metabolic benefits- Recent research indicates that DF consumption contributes to a number of unexpected metabolic effects independent from changes in body weight, which include improvement of insulin sensitivity, modulation of the secretion of certain gut hormones, and effects on various metabolic and inflammatory markers that are associated with the metabolic syndrome

Another molecule by which olive oil protects your heart - oleanolic acid.

The details of CLAs are still being determined. trans-10, cis-12 appears to be hazardous, while other CLAs reduce body fat.

Soy diet is better than a casein diet for weight control.

Carrageenan appears to be hazardous. This may be the first study to examine this common food additive, found in ice cream, yogurt, soymilk, infant formulas and other things. It appears to cause intestinal inflammation and cancerous growth.

Red wine polyphenols appear to prevent stroke damage!

White button mushrooms enhance immune system.

Cruciferous vegetables reduce colon cancer risk.

What's commonly eaten that is great for you? "Phenolic acids, flavonoids, proanthocyanidins, and ellagitannins are polyphenols that may have beneficial effects on human health and provide protection against chronic diseases...Due to their high consumption and high concentrations of phenolic acids, coffee and cereals were the main contributors to total polyphenol intake. Berries and berry products were the main source for anthocyanidins, ellagitannins, and proanthocyanidins, and fruits were the main source for flavonols, flavones, and flavanones. The results give additional support to the recommendations for a varied diet with fruits, berries, cereals, and vegetables."

SYMPOSIUM: From Efficacy to Public Health Impact: A Call for Research on Program Delivery and Utilization in Nutrition. "Despite the high potential of nutrition interventions to save lives and to improve the quality of life of those who survive, programs are not being implemented effectively or at scale in most regions of the world. Research on delivery and utilization is urgently needed to fully unleash the potential of nutrition programs." I AM SURE GLAD THAT YOU ARE PAYING ATTENTION TO WHAT YOU PUT IN YOUR BODY. PLEASE HELP YOUR FRIENDS TO PAY ATTENTION TOO!

You must read and accept the disclaimer to use this site.