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J Nutrition Mar, 2007

[how fishoil works] Lipid Rafts—Composition, Characterization, and Controversies - "The authors report that the enrichment of lipid rafts of MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cells with (n-3) PUFA is probably linked to modification of cell signaling processes leading to cell death. ..Lipid rafts are regions of membranes with a distinct, characteristic structural composition and that appear to act as platforms to colocalize proteins involved in intracellular signaling pathways. The organization of membranes into such microdomains recognizes that, far from being randomly arranged, lipids may actually be highly organized within different parts of the membrane, and that this organization influences the way that membrane proteins are distributed ..Many proteins involved in signal transduction, such as Src family kinases, G proteins, growth factor receptors, mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK),3 and protein kinase C are predominantly found in lipid rafts, which appear to act as signaling platforms by bringing together (i.e., colocalizing) various signaling components, facilitating their interaction (3)."

[how fishoil also works] Conjugated Eicosapentaenoic Acid Inhibits Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor-Induced Angiogenesis by Suppressing the Migration of Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells J. Nutr. 2007 137: 641-646 "These observations suggest that CEPA might suppress cancer cell growth through malnutrition due to a suppressive effect on tumor angiogenesis. ..Our findings suggest that CEPA has potential use as a therapeutic dietary supplement for minimizing tumor angiogenesis."

[amino acid arginine helps fertility] Dietary L-Arginine Supplementation Enhances the Reproductive Performance of Gilts J. Nutr. 2007 137: 652-656 "Arginine is a common substrate for the synthesis of nitric oxide and polyamines that are crucial for placental angiogenesis and growth in mammals. This study was conducted to test the hypothesis that dietary L-arginine supplementation may improve reproductive performance of pregnant gilts...This exciting finding provides the first evidence for a marked increase of live-born piglets by 2 per litter through nutritional intervention in gilts."

[antioxidants help your teeth] The Prevalence of Inflammatory Periodontitis Is Negatively Associated with Serum Antioxidant Concentrations J. Nutr. 2007 137: 657-664 "Chronic periodontitis is an inflammatory disease that affects the supporting tissues of the teeth. It is initiated by specific bacteria within the plaque biofilm and progresses due to an abnormal inflammatory-immune response to those bacteria. Periodontitis is the major cause of tooth loss and is also significantly associated with an increased risk of stroke, type-2 diabetes and atheromatous heart disease. Oxidative stress is reported in periodontitis both locally and peripherally (serum), providing potential mechanistic links between periodontitis and systemic inflammatory diseases...Increased serum antioxidant concentrations are associated with a reduced relative risk of periodontitis even in never-smokers."

[Flavonoids great for health] Flavonoids and Heart Health: Proceedings of the ILSI North America Flavonoids Workshop, May 31–June 1, 2005, Washington, DC J. Nutr. 2007 137: 718S-737S "flavonoid classes (i.e., flavonols, flavones, flavanones, isoflavones, flavan-3-ols, anthocyanins, and proanthocyanidins) ...Data presented support the concept that certain flavonoids in the diet can be associated with significant health benefits, including heart health."

Basic flavonoid structure

Supplement: Effects of Probiotics and Prebiotics

Antiallergic Effects of Probiotics J. Nutr. 2007 137: 794S-797S "A considerable part of the Western population suffers from some form of allergy, and the incidence is still rising with no sign of an end to this trend. Reduced exposure to microbial allergens as a result of our hygienic lifestyle has been suggested as one of the possible causes. It has also been suggested that probiotics may provide safe alternative microbial stimulation needed for the developing immune system in infants...Clinical trials have shown that the standard treatment of infants with atopic eczema, extensively hydrolyzed infant formula, can be significantly improved through the addition of Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG or Bifidobacterium lactis Bb-12. It has also been shown possible to halve the incidence of allergy in at-risk infants through administration of L. rhamnosus GG to expecting mothers and subsequently to their infants during the first half-year of life. "

[ulcer treatment-avoid stomach cancer] Helicobacter pylori and Probiotics "Helicobacter pylori infection, a highly prevalent pathogen, is a major cause of chronic gastritis and peptic ulcer and a risk factor for gastric malignancies. Antibiotics-based H. pylori eradication treatment is 90% effective. However, it is expensive and causes side effects and antibiotic resistance...Seven of 9 human studies showed an improvement of H. pylori gastritis and decrease in H. pylori density after administration of probiotics. ..So long-term intake of products containing probiotic strains of probiotics may have a favorable effect on H. pylori infection in humans, particularly by reducing the risk of developing disorders associated with high degrees of gastric inflammation."

[milk products may lower blood pressure] Milk Peptides and Blood Pressure J. Nutr. 2007 137: 825S-829S "Epidemiological studies suggest that milk consumption and dietary intake of dairy proteins are inversely related to the risk for hypertension. Also, some intervention studies have shown a blood pressure-lowering effect of milk products and dairy proteins. Milk peptides are formed from milk proteins by enzymatic breakdown by digestive enzymes or by the proteinases formed by lactobacilli during the fermentation of milk."



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