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Archive for ‘saturated fat

AJCN Feb 2013

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Read the details with active links and more details below.
FEATURES: Article 14. Poor diet is a risk factor for depression – Poor diet increases the risk by 41% in women, and good diet reduces the risk of recurrence of depression by 65%. Article 13. High saturated fat intake reduces sperm count in young men. Our findings are of […] Read more »

J Nutr, Dec 2011

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Read my summaries below these headlines. Links go to published journal abstracts.

Pregnant? 1. Infant formula is very deficient compared to breast milk.
Obvious but healthful reminders: 2. Replacing soda with water and desserts with fruit makes a tremendous difference to energy intake and disease risk. 3. Children weigh less and eat more vegetables if they eat […] Read more »

AJCN August, 2011

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So much news this month. Here’s the sorted headlines. I urge you to read the New York Times article.
OBESITY: B. A recent article in the New York Times – Some tidbits – eating yogurt and nuts causes weight loss, exercise is essential, the most obese eat french fries, chips, sugared drinks, red and processed […] Read more »

March AJCN and telomeres

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Happy Mardi Gras. Here’s the SUMMARY:
FEATURE: Telomere shortening is key control in declining human health. Nutrition investigator’s former student who is an expert in telomere research sent a commentary with a recent article in Nature (17 Feb 2011 pg 359-65) showing how telomere shortening is responsible for chronic disease in humans. See Nutrition Investigator commentary […] Read more »

J Nutrition Nov, 2009

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J Nutrition Nov, 2009 –– SUMMARY – See this, longer synopses, and links to published articles at http://campus.beloit.edu/nutrition/aln/1109jnutr.htm
The other journal reviewed at this site, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, was recently voted among the top 100 most influential journals of the century! Links to all journal reviews are at http://campus.beloit.edu/nutrition/aln/N409litnotes.htm
1. Saturated fat intake has major […] Read more »

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