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Archive for ‘omega-3

J Nutrition Apr, 2015 from Roc Nutrition Investigator

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To see longer explanations of these discoveries, look after the headlines:
HEADLINES: In just 6 months, a healthier diet can change DNA methylation to reduce cancer risk Here are some easy steps to that healthier diet: 1) Vegetables decrease about 30%, meat increases about 30% risk of dying from a stroke 2) Dark fruits and veggies have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and […] Read more »

AJCN August, 2011

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So much news this month. Here’s the sorted headlines. I urge you to read the New York Times article.
OBESITY: B. A recent article in the New York Times – Some tidbits – eating yogurt and nuts causes weight loss, exercise is essential, the most obese eat french fries, chips, sugared drinks, red and processed […] Read more »

AGE meeting and LPI news notes

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Notes from the American Aging Association Meeting of June, 2010 and the Linus Pauling Institute Spring newsletter
American Aging Association Meeting of June, 2010- INFLAMMATION SUMMARY
70% of death is caused by infection/inflammation; 16-30% by traumatic sepsis; 1-10% by age alone. Human life expectancy has increased 2.5yrs each decade since 1850. 50% of 21st century births will live […] Read more »

J Nutrition May, 2010

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SUMMARY – Just a few headlines as we head into summer:
1. High protein diet inhibits fat formation
2. Reservatrol helps the heart
3. Choline intake should be even higher – Overall, 550 mg per day. An egg has 112 mg.
4. Maternal vitamin D level vital for birth weight – among white mothers, the lowest risk is from 60 to 80 nmol/L.
5. Coffee […] Read more »

J Nutrition Dec, 2009

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SUMMARY – Coming to this blog soon: my recently accepted peer-reviewed scientific paper reviewing many scientific studies about the health benefits of taking 500 mg of vitamin C twice a day.
Fish and fish oil are not perfect, but have great health benefits –
1. Tremendous benefits of fish oil are measured
2. Most people need more fish and less 4-legged […] Read more »

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