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Archive for ‘melatonin

Aging brain Reading notes for Nov 2014

by Roc » click here for full post

Happy Veteran’s Day. How to preserve your aging brain and more. See details below these Headlines.
I. Great guide to healthy student nutrition 
II. Science special edition on the Aging Brain (31 October 2014) 1. Being bright at age 11 is 50% of whether your brain will age well, rather than exercise, education, diet, body mass index, caffeine […] Read more »

Reading notes for Oct 2014

by Roc » click here for full post

Lots of highlights from additional reading I have done in the past 2 months. See details below headlines. Teaberry trial coming soon – look for announcement in next few weeks.
I. Journal of the American Aging Association, October 2014 1. Exercise improves cognition 2.  Melatonin is anti-inflammatory 3. Reservatrol benefits the heart 4.  Curcumin improves your energy
II. From AARP Oct 2014 […] Read more »

Some of Roc’s nutrition reading notes

by Roc » click here for full post

Here are many highlights from referenced readings in the recent past. Numbers match the longer comments below at SUMMARIES.
6. 23 minutes of treadmill exercise increases DHEA levels and decreases cortisol levels, both beneficial for health and longevity.  AGE
7. Chronic physical training increases blood oxidative damage but promotes health in elderly men. Age 01/2012
12. Exercise […] Read more »

AGE (Journal of the American Aging Association) Jan 2013

by Roc » click here for full post

There is so much legitimate nutrition news I am nearly overwhelmed. Though it makes life even more challenging that my house was destroyed in a fire Dec. 6th, along with almost all of my possessions. And that classes have just begun. But the news is so exciting, that I have actually revised the supplements that […] Read more »

J Nutr, Nov 2011, melatonin, and happiness from Nutrition Investigator, Roc

by Roc » click here for full post

 Read the summaries with links to abstracts after the headlines. Here’s the headlines:
Nutrition Investigator comment: Since I began research into the cause of human aging around 1990, I have been a member of the American Aging Association. At an AGE conference years ago, I learned that taking melatonin supplements turns on many youthful genes that […] Read more »

AGE meeting details

by Roc » click here for full post

Notes from the American Aging Association Meeting of June, 2010
*Growth hormone causes aging.  Both IFG1 and GH signaling harmful to longevity. GH- and IFG- are like caloric restriction.
*What is aging? Metabolism causes damage, damage causes pathology. Aging is multifaceted – genes extend life 10x, environment 3x, stochastic events 20x. Key identified factors include ROS, telomeres, […] Read more »

AJCN October, 2009 – SUMMARY

by Roc » click here for full post

AJCN October, 2009 – SUMMARY – The Triage Theory of Bruce Ames explains a likely reason for the epidemic of heart disease and cancer. It is explained more completely in the SYNPOSES at this link [http://campus.beloit.edu/nutrition/aln/1009ajcn.htm]. And if you […] Read more »

Annual reading notes

by Roc » click here for full post

This information was obtained from various meetings, readings, and reader emails investigated during the past 12 months. In this email are keywords.  The longer explanations and sources are at this link.  There you can also find links to related research in recent years.
NPR Program: Subject: Love, Happiness, Consciousness […] Read more »

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