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The Nutrition InvestigatorThe health and nutrition blog by Dr. Roc Ordman.

Archive for ‘Mediterranean diet

AJCN May 2013 from Nutrition Investigator Roc

by Roc » click here for full post

Happiness is precious for health. Classes are over for me until August! Read the details of April’s AJCN articles after these headlines:
PREVENT CANCER: 1.¬†Guidelines to prevent risk of death from cancer¬†– 6 recommendations for men [regarding body fatness, physical activity, foods and drinks that promote weight gain, plant foods, animal foods, and alcoholic drinks and […] Read more »

March AJCN and telomeres

by Roc » click here for full post

Happy Mardi Gras. Here’s the SUMMARY:
FEATURE: Telomere shortening is key control in declining human health. Nutrition investigator’s former student who is an expert in telomere research sent a commentary with a recent article in Nature (17 Feb 2011 pg 359-65) showing how telomere shortening is responsible for chronic disease in humans. See Nutrition Investigator commentary […] Read more »

AJCN Feb, 2011, depression and new daily values

by Roc » click here for full post

See longer synopses at DETAILS after these summaries.
*To be added or removed from the nutrition research Email List . *To review the disclaimer. *To ask Roc a question. Here’s the SUMMARY:
Wow. The new Daily Values from the Institute of Medicine are coming out today, Jan. 31, as they do each decade. In addition, I […] Read more »

J Nutrition July, 2010

by Roc » click here for full post

J Nutrition July, 2010 -See this, longer synopses, and links to published articles at Nutrition investigator .
1. Competent eaters eat their way to much better health – Competent eaters are positive, comfortable, and flexible with eating and are matter-of-fact and reliable about getting enough to eat of enjoyable and nourishing food. Reading this newsletter […] Read more »

AJCN December, 2009

by Roc » click here for full post

SUMMARY – See this, longer synopses, and links to published articles further down this page at DETAILS . Sorry this is so long. Here is plenty to enhance your life during the holiday season.
1. Study of 90,000 finds amount and type of fat intake unrelated to weight gain -We found no significant association between the […] Read more »

J Nutrition Sept, 2009 – SUMMARY

by Roc » click here for full post

See SYNOPSES and links after summary
Get plenty of red grapes, juice or wine (and blueberries, strawberries, and walnuts)
1.Symposium on Grapes – Eat lots of them often –
a. Resveratrol is a unique beneficial component of grapes.
b. for cardiovascular disease, the benefits of wine consumption appear to be greater than other alcoholic beverages.
c. with a […] Read more »

AJCN, August, 2009

by Roc » click here for full post

A deep breath is good nutrition, and helps you be conscious. Please see SYNOPSES and links after summary located at http://www.beloit.edu/nutrition/aln/0809ajcn.htm And if you have questions, please ask Roc at ordman@beloit.edu. To be removed from or add someone to get this nutrition summary, click here.
Hazards of 4 legged meat –
1. Four legged meat consumption […] Read more »

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