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The Nutrition InvestigatorThe health and nutrition blog by Dr. Roc Ordman.

Archive for ‘Disease-related nutrition

AJCN May, 2010

by Roc » click here for full post

SUMMARY – See this, longer synopses, and links to published articles further down this page at DETAILS at www.nutritioninvestigator.org.
1. Steamed foods are better fpr health than those cooked with high heat
2. Adding the right spices to meat before cooking reduces harmful products from cooking – Cloves, Cinnamon, Oregano, […] Read more »

J Nutrition Apr, 2010

by Roc » click here for full post

See this, longer synopses, and links to published articles at Nutrition investigator .
NUTRITION INVESTIGATOR INTERPRETATION – Half the US takes supplements. Even so, most need more vitamin D, antioxidants, and DHA, one of two essential fatty acids in fish oil. “Tens of millions of new Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and other dementia […] Read more »

Vitamin C Twice a Day Enhances Health

by Roc » click here for full post

9/13/2018 – Published back in 2013, I just learned this article has been downloaded over 13,000 times. I hope it has helped a lot of people.
Below is my latest article that has been accepted for publication in a peer-reviewed scientific journal. ┬áThis is a pre-print that I hope you will benefit from reading and sharing […] Read more »

AJCN May, 2009

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AJCN May, 2009 – SUMMARY – Read details with links at http://www.beloit.edu/nutrition/ln/ln09mayajcn.htm
9. To reduce your risk for heart disease, polyunsaturated fats PUFA are best, then monounsaturates MUFA, worst is saturated fat
2. Fish oil lowers LDL and risk of heart disease. They also reduce ventricular arrhythmias.
4. Vitamin D reduces heart risk
11. Colorectal […] Read more »

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