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Cancer treatment and prevention August 2012

by Roc (click here for full post)

New discovery as of August, 2012: Many chemotherapies were discovered in Aug, 2012, to actually promote the formation of cancer rather than reducing caner. All the more reason to rely on nutrition and vitamin C treatment to cure or prevent cancer.

In response to many inquiries from physicians and friends about nutritional strategies to deal with cancer – either avoiding it, surviving after it, or recovering from it, I have assembled a page with links describing the research I have read and pursued through July 2012. Be sure you read my disclaimer – I am not a physician and this is just for you to discuss with one.

Here’s the headlines:
1. See my vegetable soup idea for cruciferous vegetables, cayenne, and turmeric – three powerful cancer cell killers.
2. Purse the no fours diet. Foods from four legged animals promote inflammation and cancer.
3. A recent Nature article lists 9 things, like the 3 above and vitamin D, that prevent cancer cell function.
4. For those with active cancers, see the tremendous evidence supporting the use of intravenous vitamin C therapy, administered by 172 practitioners to 11,233 patients in 2006 and 8,876 patients in 2008, because high concentrations of vitamin C kill cancer cells without harming normal ones, dramatically increasing the effectiveness of chemotherapies. Help finding doctors administering intravenous vitamin C.

If you know anyone interested in cancer, please send them to this web site for more explanation and key references .

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